Creating new soundcloud account.

  • 14 October 2015
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Hello, i want to create a new soundcloud account with my G-mail because my other account is blocked cause of copyright.... But soundcloud says, at the moment we cant talk to GooglePlus. How can i create a new account? Btw, i posted tracks like Radical Redemption - Brutal 4.0 but there are still tracks online from other people. Why is my account blocked? Please let me know.

6 replies

i want to cree my account souncloud
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Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. Hmm, if you're seeing an error that reads "We can't talk to Google+ right now", then I guess you're trying to go through the Google+ integration? What happens if you don't do so, but rather sign up with your Gmail address and a password? Does this also not work?

In regards to your copyright related question, please get in touch via email with our copyrights team directly.

All the best