Degredation of SoundCloud experience

  • 10 April 2019
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Hello I have been a SoundCloud user for 9 years or so now, I am still disappointed that the group's were removed, some of the group's I was using were direct UK radio station group's run by professional music industry people, if approved on them I got way more exposure then what on offer now. As SoundCloud operates now I feel my music is a needle in a haystack mixed with the wrong genre's of music. I am also becoming extremely fed up with the hundreds of fake accounts liking my music and then trying to sell me fake plays and likes. I have been previously played on BBC radio 6 in the UK. When I search for specific genre's all I get is a Mish mash of everything. I've seen the premium SoundCloud thing but I have no idea what I'm getting if I purchased it. Any way sorry for moaning a bit but I like SoundCloud but it's not as good anymore in my opinion. My account is I wish the group's came back. Why can't I email the SoundCloud support anymore. This is really bad.

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