Deleting one of my old accounts that I no logner have access to.

  • 22 July 2015
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Right, so a few years ago, I started making some electronic music (really badly). I thought I'd soundcloud my name to see if there were any results, and there are 3. One is the new account I just made, one is the a newish account I'll be closing and one was a really old one. The thing is, I have no idea what email I used for the old one. This account: ]
is the old one I want rid of. I am the same person and am happy to do any checks that are required, I have no use for the account so just want it deleted.

EDIT: Not sure it will help prove anything, but I just deleted max-birdsey and another one with the name as 'Maximilian Birdsey'

3 replies

E-mailed Soundcloud support directly and got everything solved 🙂
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E-mailed Soundcloud support directly and got everything solved :)
Boom! That's great LRWL, thanks for following up on this one.

When it comes to account access / deletion / modification, it will always be more efficient to email our support team directly, as helping with this often includes asking for personal details, which we do not do on the help forum to make sure your privacy is secured.