Deleting tracks that were blocked due to a copyright issue

  • 18 January 2016
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Once a track has been blocked for copyright infringement it isn't possible to delete them from your account and they will remain on your track manager page.

These tracks will not count towards your account quota.

They won't be playable or publicly available on your profile, and you'll only be able to see them if you're logged into your account. The tracks will be listed on your track manager page to let you know the status of the tracks on your account and to alert you to any tracks that might need attention in case you would like to dispute the takedowns.

If you would like to file a dispute, you can do so here.

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20 replies

I understand it was taken down for copyright reasons, but why can't I just delete it from my account completly?
Hi there,

A few years back when I first opened my account, I had unploaded a number of remixes which obviously got taken down due to copyright infringements. Back then I was new to the scene and didn't understand what I was doing really. Occasionally I see these tracks still on my account but greyed out and unable to play them.

I was just wondering if these tracks will ever get deleted from my account and the strikes removed?

I haven't had a stike/ removal in years and am scared to upload anything in case my account gets deleted.

Any help would be great!


It appears that there is some tracks ( see the screenshot ) in my tracks section whom were deleted for some copyrights reasons, but they were made for a contest 4 years ago ( the same track 4 times ) so no copyrights reasons here, nevermind

That's not the reason why i'm writing you, it's because i can't delete them from my tracks section
Can you make them disappear from my tracks section because they have nothing more to do here

Thinks in advance

Best Regards
I understand that the song I uploaded was taken down but I can't delete it of my profile. Can someone help me please?

One of my titles was rejected for copyright issues. How can I delete it totally so that I can retrieve the URL I assigned to it?

Thank you in advance for your reply!

Hi, How to delete all songs that have been suspended I do not want to see it again? my soundcloud user : peterpanband. thank
This track was deleted by the SC team but it is still showing up in my upload list.
I want the tracks listed for copyright removed from my track list because it really bothers me.
Three years ago, when I just created my profile on SoundCloud, I thought it was a regular cloud for storing files but for audio so I uploaded two tracks that were flagged as copyright infringement. One of those was my remix attempt I created when I first started learning about production. I would like to use my profile professionally now for my own tracks but it looks kind of ugly to have those tracks grayed-out and stuck on my profile so I would appreciate any assistance leading to their removal. Thanks in advance!
Hello everybody,

I'm tying to delete an old track that i've uploaded 6 years ago... This track is copyright so i want to delete it from my tracks !!!

Pease look at the screenshot to understand what i say.

Please can you help me ?

(sorry for my poor english, i'm french)

Best regards,


So a long time ago i uploaded a couple random mixes onto my soundcloud and it was for my own personal use, but they got taken down for copyright. Now i started to produce and i wanted to start uploading my own music. But as much as i tried i cant take down the previous copyright content on my profile. It says i have 3 tracks uploaded but in reality they were all taken down from years ago. How can i get rid of them from showing on my account and how can i reset my copyright warnings so i do not accidentally get copyright again and get my account taken down.
I had a really old track removed due to copyright and i really want to delete that track but is blocked or something like that!
Is a 5 years remix and I dont know how to delete that track, if there is something that i can do will be amazing tbh
Trying to delete a track that has been blocked due to "copyright issue" ? Although i disagree with this, as it is a Spanish version (Facil de Amar) of my earlier (Easy To Love) (in English song). So I want to delete it completely from Soundcloud?
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There's an uploaded track in my songs that was flagged for copyright. You guys took it down but I can still see it under my track list. Sometimes it shows up on my main page as well under my track numbers. Is there way to completely get rid of this track? I'm tired of seeing this glitch saying I have 9 tracks instead of 8. It keeps going back and forth and I want to remove it indefinitely.
I have a similar query…

A couple of months ago, I privately uploaded a few reference instrumentals from an existing band, as a way to make them easy to review privately. (The private links were never shared.)
(The instrumentals aren't widely available, hence using my SC account as a remote player.)

Most of the tracks were (correctly) Content ID'd, flagged and deleted/removed, disappearing from my account – all apart from one.
That remaining track has been flagged and locked, but hasn't been deleted/removed.

It's also not possible for me to delete it through my account..

The message below it says…

"This track has been removed for copyright reasons"

…but the track is still visible in my account after two months.

How do I get it fully removed?

I need your help. 6 years ago i uploaded some tracks which were blocked because of copyrighting but I didnt have any info about that and did it very accidently, Now im an artist, using my soundcloud, paying for it and these old tracks are still stuck on my soundcloud and I can not delete them. please help me and let me delete this track uploaded and blocked 6 years ago.

well i uploaded a track,turned out it has copyright . now i want to delete it from my list , but there is no potion to do that , Although there is no way actually to play the song ... but i would like to delete it after all .
so what should i do ?
I have the same problem and was wondering if you got helped with this problem yet?
If so could you please tell me how?
I had uploaded a song, and the automated system flagged and removed it for containing copyrighted material. However, I don't want to dispute the claim. Is it possible to remove the grayed out song from my tracks list?