Difference between Free account and Upgrading it (in upload time)

  • 30 April 2016
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Hello 🙂 Im a little confused about limited-time-upload material on soundcloud...i see there's a option to upgrade our (my) account to (for example) PRO acc. Best thing and why i would like to pay for it is "Double your time" here's my problem: For example, now i have 60mins left for uploading (free account) and at 01.05.2016. i pay for PRO acc. It has 3 benefits (or more) but my UPLOAD TIME WILL BE DOUPLICATED...BUT FOR HOW LONG? 🙂 i mean, if i stop to pay continuity (=if im back to Free acc) then, whats my upload time? like 60 mins how i had it..or it is saved by my PRO acc which i had one month (for example) so its 120mins..? 🙂 thanks in advance 🙂

4 replies

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If you stop paying, your account/track posts will come back to their "free" state.
Uploads will stay on their servers, and will re-appear if you pay again.

And imo it is VERY bad : if i die (yes it happens) my music does too.
thanks for fast response, but again its not 100% clear to me:

if i upload music while im in Pro acc, then, when im back to 'free' acc my PRO-uploads are invisible to all users (except admins) right..?

***ps:***music never dies 😛
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Hi there,

So, basically, your upload quota depends on your current subscription status. When you have a free account, you have 180 min. of total upload quota. Pro provides 360 min., and there is no hard limit on users with Pro Unlimited subscriptions.

Now, say you have uploaded 200 min. of tracks to your account while you were on a Pro subscription, but decide to end your subscription. Your account will fall back to be a free account with 180 min. of total upload time (i.e. quota), so you'll be 20 min. over your quota. Consequently, some of your tracks will become hidden and you won't be able to upload more tracks.

When you decide to upgrade again, these hidden tracks will be reinstated with all their play counts, comments, etc. Or, if you want to upload new tracks but don't want to upgrade again, you can delete some of your tracks in order to make space. Here's an article on our help center to exemplify this a bit further.

Hope this helps.

aham..i will read it, thank you sir 🙂