Difficult to change my credit card (URGENT)

  • 22 March 2018
  • 2 replies

Hello! I can not change my credit card! My plan ends tomorrow, without which my audios can be left out.

By clicking on "change credit card" and register the new one. NOTHING HAPPENS!

I need some urgent help!

2 replies

Apparently the response time is giant!
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Hi there,

It looks like you were able to sort this out on the same day as you wrote in on the Community. Please note the Community is not a way to reach out to our subscriptions team. Users are helping users with many questions, and a lot of them can be sorted this way. The moderators are helping wherever they can, but given the volume in the subforums, we cannot catch it all.

If you did anything in particular to sort this out, please feel free to share the solution w/ the Community.

All the best to you