Download button disappeared everywhere.

  • 12 November 2016
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I haven't seen a download button for months, not just on my page but I go through hundreds of tracks in my feed and not one free through Soundcloud download button appears.
What is going on? if someone can direct me to a page that they know has a download button please link me because either every single user now uses third party download sites/or doesn't enable downloads through Soundcloud or there is something wrong with my account.

Also while I am here for the past year when I hit my mail icon, it thinks then goes "sorry something went wrong try again, retry" I have to repeat this 3-4 times before my mail opens.

19 replies

Same here.

Over a week ago, the programs I downloaded every week are no longer downloadable.

All programs I see online no longer show the download icon.

What's up???
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Hi there,

In order to investigate this in further detail, it'd be helpful to have example links - @NikkiSings, you said you would download specific programs (I believe you're referring to tracks from specific users, correct?) - can you provide a link please?

Apart from that, please note that it is still up to the uploading artist whether or not they want to enable downloads for their tracks.

Hello Mathis.
My problem is simple; I download specific episodes every week from one particular radio station and here is the link:
As you can see, none of the episodes have the download icon, as they used to.
The episode I want is toward the bottom, Dr. Wendy Walsh on 11-13.
Any idea how I can get the shows I used to always download?
same here, no possible to download.
It looks like none of us are getting our shows!
Doesn't that concern someone?
I went to the link that Nikkisings provided and all I see is: like, repost, share, more.
No download button.
Maybe admin can direct us to a track they know has a download button because unless the entire soundcloud community have ceased download options we have a problem, I am pulling my hair out.
Is this an account problem, soundcloud problem, browser problem, computer problem? any help would be appreciated.
If you click on More you'll see the download option.
Since the problem comes from multiple sources, I'm guessing it's a SoundCloud issue.
Mathis? Talk to us.
Do you guys still have the problem?
If you click on More you'll see the download option.

hallelujah I must have missed that memo, thanks.
I excitedly went to click the 'more' button, but it only gave me the choices 'add to playlist' (at which there was also no download link) and a link to the station, same result.
But thank you for the moment of hopefulness!
Nikki I just went to this page on KFIAM640
And I have a download option, do you see a download option?
Hey L.L.T.,
I have found a couple shows on KFI which allow downloads.
But specifically the ones I want, Dr. Wendy Walsh (on 11-13) and the Gary and Shannon show (G.A.S.) broadcast today, do not.
Can't figure why the station or SoundCloud would choose to not allow these shows.
But many, many thanks for your interest and time!
I was wondering about this for a minute but got it figured out. Soundcloud, for some reason, has moved the download button to the "...more" link next to the share link under the tracks waveform. As per usual, not every artist releases their songs to download. The problem is that now to find out whether or not you can download the track, you have to click the "...more" link. it basically adds a second layer of navigation to one of the most basic aspects of SC that didn't need a second layer. it is both frustrating and dumb. but more than that, I've already noticed a substantial decrease in my download traffic, and I can imagine other artists are experiencing the same thing. its pretty wack all around and I really hope SC realizes this mistake and fixes it sooner then later
If the artists who have been using soundcloud for a long time don't realise the change and how to find the download option I can only imagine new users think nothing is for download.
I too have seen a big drop in DL's since this has changed.
Yes, there are download links under the "more" button, but not all episodes/shows have that button.
Shows on the on the same station differ on allowing downloads, which makes me conclude it is deliberate and they want certain shows only streamed.
Don't want to bother figuring out why.
As a soundcloud user I'd like to ad my disappointment about this change. I'm simply not willing to click that button for every single track I see. It's really hard to see how this could possibly be considered a good idea. Unless you're deliberately trying to make downloads harder, this change is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen.
ok i have the same issue and none of the solutions are real. still can't download a thing from anywhere but most importantly my songs have no download button. iv checked every setting 100 times. need help. please god
Seriously. Why even use Soundcloud at all, any more? I listen to most of my podcasts, etc when I am traveling to remote places, "off the grid." This whole thing is utterly useless to me now. Cya later, Soundcloud.