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  • 31 August 2017
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I don't know how to address this other than to explain. I download a lot of tracks through soundcloud. For the last few years many of the free downloads take you through a download gate. In the beginning these gates made you follow the artist. Then it became forced you to like and repost the track and maybe comment. Now they are forcing the follow of many artists, comment, like, repost, and sometimes multiple tracks. Can soundcloud please get this under control? I am now in soundcloud jail because of the follows and I never asked for the ridiculous level of following artists. I actually went through and unfollowed many because of this. Attached you will find the warning I got even though I hadn't followed anyone on purpose in months. BIG MONEY! is being made on these download gates, soundcloud stats are being manipulated and all at the expense of the people that are here for good music. Thank you.

2 replies

Anyone out there in Soundcloud land? I guess soundcloud no longer responds to emails, tweets or posts to the community.
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Hi Alvette,

Sorry to hear this happened to you. The download gates are not something that we built, so we have little control over them. I do understand your concern though and have forwarded your report to our Trust & Safety team.

Something that can happen is that a connected app ends up in your settings due to these download gates - if this is the case, you can revoke access here:

All the best to you,