Downloading Hidden Tracks After Pro Expiration

  • 15 May 2017
  • 3 replies

My Pro subscription recently expired and I am not planning on renewing it.
However, I need to download my old tracks that were hidden, before deleting them from my account.
The only option allowed is the delete button.

I understand hiding old tracks that contribute to minutes over the free 3-hour limit, but preventing the creator from accessing their own work? I need to be able to download my own music from my own account, and it is preposterous that I'm denied that ability.

Does anyone know how to get around this?
Has anyone had similar issues before?

3 replies

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Hi there Ty,

You cannot download any tracks that were hidden after you ended your subscritption. Given we're sending out notifications before a subscription ends, users get a notice beforehand and can download their tracks in case they don't have a copy of the tracks on their hard drives anyways.

Not to worry though - I was able to make an exception for you - you now have 5 days to do so ;-)

Happy downloading,
I had the same issue and now I am missing my "hidden tracks" I would like to recover. I am not planning on going for a Pro subscription. I didn't react earlier because I didn't understand the risk of losing my old tracks. Thanks for your attention.


I was not in a position to download my tracks prior to subscription ending. I's now locked out of my own music which is quite a sad state for an app to leave it's loyal and longtime paying customer, me. Can you please allow me to access my own intellectual property and music.

To call yourself a *cloud you really need to let owners have access to their own things. Users built soundcloud to what it is and should have access in my mind.

Kind regards