Every track I've made got taken down for upload time - and the upload time I do pay for isn't there either. $7 for 2 songs & 1 mixtape

  • 29 May 2017
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Every track I've made disappeared except for 2 & one mixtape. Now I am being asked to sign up for more upload time, when the upload time I should be allotted isn't even there. I feel like I am being forced into upgrading my account - when what I pay $7 for is not being honored. If you're going to limit my account, at least leave the correct amount I pay for up there. Being a beginning artist, it's hard enough to buy software, plugins, hardware, online classes & tutorials, books, producer & studio time. You offer a wonderful service, but brow beating your financially strapped, beginning users isn't very cool. I really can't afford to upgrade my account, nor does my skill as a producer and musician warrant it. It would be kinder to give the option to remove tracks manually, until the upload limit is ducked under.

If you truly want to support creators, and not just make this a money grab to appease investors, then stick to your guns like when you first started. Your creators are to be taken care of first. Give us an option to rectify our account upload, before you stick us a bogus upgrade scheme.

I won't be a beginner forever.

All the Good Things,
Neil Spencer

1 reply

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Hi Neil,

It looks like you had gone for the Pro account at some point, which gave you 360 minutes of upload quota. You're now at a solid 1483 minutes of upload & upgraded to Pro Unlimited, which is great as it doesn't have a maximum upload limit.

All set I assume?