fake acounts liking my tracks

  • 27 December 2015
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Sorry for the rant but someone has to say it I cant believe the amount of scams on soundcloud now what the hell happened to this site used to be good . glad i am getting rid of my account at the end of the month not gonna pay for a service that cant get there shit together and delete these people. Its ridicules these scammers they like your track then tell you to go to this sketchy website to get more followers and likes then they steal your login info and hack your accounts every time i upload a new song i get one of these assholes liking my shit i do have a few real followers with real accounts but i just cant deal with the crap anymore and i just tried listening to another artist song and i had to listen to an ad first even thought i have a pro account um ya that was the last straw for me

3 replies

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agreed,this place is going down the pan soo fast,soo many problems,my stats have disappeared completely now,no likes showing,cant play on my mobile as the track keeps stopping even though im a pro subscription,just a complete joke,then the play button for facebook taken away,complete bellends
An ad? I've never heard one.... Odd.