Fake followers, how to avoid/remove?

  • 10 May 2017
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I've got about 1000 new "fake" followers in the past 12 hours and they keep coming, populating my Notifications page and avoiding me to properly connect with people that actually followed me and respond to them.
How can I remove/block (bulk) followers and how to stop this?

Best answer by DDIAZ 10 May 2017, 19:19

Support answered my ticket and did a full clean up, fast and efficient customer service, I'm glad.
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Use this form:
.... choosing "Reporting Fake Activity" under the "What type of violation do you need to report?" menu.

If you don't mind, can you put a link to your profile here. I'm doing research into some of these spamming accounts on SoundCloud and I'd like to see which particular ones are doing this to you. For example, are they all ones that are just reposting Wai Lana meditation music, like these:
Hi, thanks for jumping into this, a ticket was created earlier.
I'm not sure I choose "report fake activity" though; I guess it was "abuse" or something, this really feels like an intrusion, I'm getting 100 followers in the past hour and no other activity at all, that's not normal.

my profile

About the particular's been a thousand since last night...


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I looked at some of those "followers". None of them looks like a real account as there's no uploads, likes, reposts or comments from them, and some have the classic bot mistake of a woman's name but a picture of a man. Also, they appear in almost alphabetical order which would never happen with genuine followers.
They all seem to be following the same accounts and a lot of those, like yours, haven't uploaded anything for a year. I've got a theory that these bots have been set to follow a lot of professional-looking but inactive accounts so when they are sold as "reaI foIIowers" they look at least a little bit genuine.
My account is definitely active.
It looks like somebody paid for the "GET FOLLOWERS AND BECOME A STAR" formula and they are providing the "service" to the wrong account...
I'm still getting followers every minute, don't know what to do...
In one post I read that if you report some bot-users they just stop it but it didn't work here, I reported dozens ans still getting this fakes followers constantly.
Hope somebody reacts to my tickets.
Support answered my ticket and did a full clean up, fast and efficient customer service, I'm glad.
....but it started intermediately, hundreds of fake followers in the past few hours.
I am getting likes from weird soundcloud sites on the same song. Blocking does no good. Suggestions?