False Copyright Infringement

How do I get Soundcloud to recognize me as the original artist of these songs?

I [J. Meta] recieved an email that three of my tracks were taken down on May 23 due to 3rd party claims of copyright. I am the producer/artist and owner of the three tracks (Bricktop, Aphrodisiac, p0cketchange Instrumental (self Prod.)) and have proof that my rights orginazation (BMI) has cleared the songs and has them registered under my real name [Joel Garibay] .

I removed my song [Bricktop (self prod.)] from distibution on CD Baby becuase I originally had it under the artist name "At0m0". I recently released the instrumental track (Aphrodisiac) on CD Baby under my current and permanant name [J. Meta].

All three tracks have been registered and cleared by BMI and have the reports/receipts to prove it.

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