-YOUR MUSIC IS AVAILBLE FOR FREE DL ON SPANISH SITES. PLEASE CONTACT SC AND MAKE THEM AWARE. I DON'TKNOW HOW TO. Today I googled my name (not even my band name) and found sister sites clearly from SC advertising my music for free downloads!!!! I encourage you all to google your names and I assure you will find the same within the first few pages of your search. The 2 sites I found are and PLEASE HELP! I did not approve of downloading through SC in the first place. Apparently that does not matter. Can someone contact whoever is in charge here and tell them the situation??? This is serious shit.

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Hi everyone,

Mathis here. I am one of the help forum moderators and would like to help with this. First things first - We do understand your concerns.

Whatever sites you, Zion, found that said "powered by SoundCloud", are unlikely actually sister sides. Rather, they are using our API in an infringing way, which is something we do not condone.

Thus, if you could send over the links to those sites, I'd be more then happy to forward them to our Trust & Safety team for review.

If you have further questions or concerns around this, I encourage you to get in touch with the team directly via email. In the subject drop down menu, please choose "Trust & Safety" to get through to the right team straight away.

@LORICALBERT - I'm afraid that changing your URL won't help with this ultimately. However, if you still want to go ahead and change the URL, you can do so in your account's settings.

All the best
How do I change my url?
Ultimately I suggest boycotting Soundcloud and exposing them to others.
I assure you just because it didn't open for you that one time, they are still downloading and playing. I did this a few time with these sites just to be sure they were actually my songs. It was hit or miss, but mostly hit. I had 45 songs up, none of which I gave permission to DL and yet all were accessible. This is an outrage. Change your url on the site. This will temporarily scramble established sites with your music and you won't appear on them.
I just found 5 different sites affiliated with soundcloud (go to the bottom of these sites and it will say 'powered by soundcloud) I just deleted my sc account and sent them a copyright infringement warning. I suggest you all do the same and spread the word to fellow musicians on SC. This is not a hacker. Soundcloud is STEALING your music through various other sites. We work way too hard on our music to have it taken from us so ppl can DL it for free without our permission. This is bullshit.
I looked and it's true. I specifically put on my account, no downloads only hear through I went to these sites and my song was downloaded. however, when I went to open the file, it said can't open.
I looked and it's true. I specifically put on my account, no downloads only hear through