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  • 27 January 2017
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Hi there,

Hope all at Soundcloud are well today!

I believe this is a common issue, but I just wanted to flag that my follower count is not updating and is stuck on the same number...

I appreciate these things can be tricky to fix, but whatever you can do to help would be wonderful! I use Soundcloud as the main webpage for my music, primarily because of the ability to upload high quality .wavs...

It would be really, really helpful to have a genuine idea of followers and use the site to the best of my ability!

Thanks for your help!

9 replies

Does this help?

Follower count is stuck, and won't increase
You receive notifications when people follow you, but not when users 'unfollow' you. This means in the same time that people follow you (which you're notified for), other followers may have un-followed you, which would lead your followers count not increasing by the amount that you were notified for.

People can un-follow for a few reasons:

People choose to unfollow you.
People remove their accounts.
Batches of spam accounts which are in your followers have been removed from the platform.

Please note: Due to caching the actual numbers displayed on follows, won't re-adjust until an action is made on your account. An action could be uploading a track, following someone new, or making any edits to your profile.
Hi there,

Thanks for the thought, but this is definitely not the problem.

For example, today I have 3 new followers. Even if I edit my profile to 'reset' the cache, the no. of followers I have displayed doesn't alter to reflect the new numbers.

Also, if people were unfollowing me, and I was getting new followers, my follower number would rise and fall, it doesn't, rather it remains static and simply doesn't change at all.

I believe this is a known issue with Soundcloud. I was hoping one of their tech people might spot my post and reply with a fix..

Let's see. Thanks for your thoughts though 🙂

You can also reach out on twitter...
hi my soundcloud followers aren't updating .. I've checked and these people definitely havn't unfollowed me .. its been like this for weeks now any suggestions
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@MC Brainstormz,

Your follower count has now been recalculated. This can take up to 24 hours, so give this a minute. Please note that you'll be notified when a new user starts following you, but you won't get any notifications if a users stops following you, or if the account is deleted. Hence, it can sometimes seem like your follower count isn't changing.

I'm dealing with the same problem, i've checked and it seems that i'm stuck on 1,397 followers even after i've had multiple new followers. This has been the case for a week or 2 now.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

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Has everyone with this problem checked if the new followers you get notification about look genuine? There's been threads in the "Stats" section about people suddenly finding a really big increase in followers in one day but they all look like bot profiles, all following, liking and reposting exactly the same tracks.
My theory is that when someone pays these "promotion" companies for fake plays and followers etc., the companies' bot accounts latch onto a few random accounts to also follow, just to make them look more genuine.
I've just checked and all the new followers look pretty genuine. It's not a huge influx of followers, just the usual few every couple of days but my amount of followers still remains the same on my page display, as it has done for the last couple of weeks 😕
........It's not a huge influx of followers, just the usual few every couple of days but my amount of followers still remains the same on my page display, as it has done for the last couple of weeks :/

I find this too. Have you checked if the new followers are showing when you click on the follower list? I find this more reliable than the number showing on your profile. Also is there any difference in number depending whether or not you are signed in?
I can't remember all my followers anyway so I can't say for sure if some older ones have disappeared or the stats are not updating immediately.