For some reason my Kindle Fire 8 He will not sign me in, is something wrong?

  • 24 October 2017
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Soundcloud has worked perfectly up to this point, my Kindle Fire hasn't let me sign in. I'm not sure if this is related to the Kindle or Soundcloud but it just won't work. I sign in with my email and even changed my password on the website, but it continues to say that I have the wrong email or password. Help please?

14 replies

I just purchased my Kindle Fire tonight at my job during the black Friday event and I have the very same problem. Can someone please help us out?
Im having the same issue, but that makes sense since nothing ever works for me, almost like this technology has a mind that makes me want to go insane, but I wot ever let it win. I recently just purchased the new Fire HD10 and downloaded soundcloud so I could listen to music, but long hold and behold it would not let me sign in, I even recorded proof of typing te same credentials in to both devices my mac and the tablet and the mac works, not the tablet, so I have no clue whats going on, but I will never and I mean never let technology win.
Same here
Same on my Fire 7 that I just got a day ago. I think it might have to do with the fact that the Fire sometimes is a little wonky after recent updates. Does anybody know how recent that was?

Maybe I should just root this sucker and get this over with.
Update: I ended up downloading Soundcloud through Google Play and now it'll let me log in. I don't know if I'd recommend it easily, but it works.

Start here.
having same problem on mine. i hope this gets solved. mine is a kindle fire 8
Listen, I know that Amazon's app store isn't as frequently updated as it's more successful counterparts (i.e: Google Play Store, Android App Store.), but believe me when I say that people DO use SoundCloud's app on Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablets. My recent tablet had broken, so I've been without a device to listen to SCGO+ tracks I've downloaded for quite some time. Come by the time when my new Kindle Fire HD 7 is delivered, among the first apps I go to get is SoundCloud, because it was very reliable during the time I've had it in 2016.

I'm not sure if there was some update that ruined the algorithms for signing in or what not, but all the 4-5 star reviews I see on the front are from previous versions, and full of crap. Keep in mind, this is not only for me, but for several others who wanted to download the app as well, they weren't able to sign in. I double, triple, and quadruple checked each and every detail of my login information several times, and it would always come back with a "Incorrect Username or Password.". It let's me log-in on my Desktop, my mobile phone, and my relative's device, but not my Kindle.

I thought, "Jeeze, guess I'm just unlucky." However, others are having this same problem. We can't even Sign Up a new account for SoundCloud because it would say that the apps 'robots' have flagged the sign-up process as "spam".

This is getting redundant, and I don't see any action being taken. Please, SoundCloud crew, fix your application for the Amazon app store, I've been a supporter of SoundCloud and it's users for about 2 years now, and I don't want to seek out other song applications such as Spotify or Pandora for the musical talent that I've heard and witnessed on SoundCloud.

TL;DR: Amazon's SoundCloud app on Kindle Fire's won't let people log-in anymore, please fix the app with an update.
I highly agree, please fix this issue, I used to be able to login but my Kindle got an update so everything was logged out and when I went to login to SoundCloud again it repeatedly said that my name or password was wrong. I'd like if I could listen to my music again. So, please, please, please. Get on it SoundCloud team.
I just got the new Amazon Fire 10 and Soundcloud just won’t let me in. Although everything works great on my iPhone 6s Plus. I know my password and email is correct- I can sign out and right back in on my phone. But when I use the same information on the tablet it insists my email or password is incorrect! This has been so frustrating- come on Soundcloud crew fix the bug!
I have the same problem. I have a kindle fire and used to be able to sign in. My sign in information is correct. Please get this fixed.
Yes i just got fire 10 tablet but wont let me sign in and if i try to create new account just tells me i am a robot and i must click on link to get help but the link given is no longer accesible
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear about the troubles with this. Unfortunately, we have limited resources to address this issue at the moment. However, please note that your reports have been passed on to the relevant engineers.

Thank you and all the best
what a drag, Still having the same problem with my kindle fire - no log in whatsoever possible. I'll stop using soundcould now. The latest joke was, when I tried to create a new account and sent email-address and password, soundcloud responded with the message: "This looks too much like spam." I was advised to turn to the support if I still wanted to try. And when I tried the link to the support on my tablet: "This page cannot be found." - Well, good bye then. I've got other things to do, too.
has this issue been fixed yet? i gifted someone w the latest kindle and he can't get in...