Glitch Records and bots: What I noticed about them.

  • 13 September 2017
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Hello everyone!

There's this issue going around about Glitch Records and spam bots. I know that I talked about this, including other people but basically, I'm gonna try to be specific about this (or not), I might repeat myself while I'm writing this topic so let's begin.
Around the beginning of September, I noticed that there was a bot that followed me when I joined SoundCloud, and I reported and blocked just like I would always do when I have a social media account, (Ex.: Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and they get deleted (sometimes or never) but what I noticed about the bots and the ones on other social media sites, they always target people with small followers or on SoundCloud, small artists with less followers, including myself, and they (Glitch Records) always make bots with names such as "Heather Kingsley", "Michelle Nelson", "Rita Pittman", and more. Some will have girl names but with profile pictures with a guy and the others will have boy names but with profile pictures of a girl. Some replies that I researched on some topics about Glitch Records had basically good points (I did research mine though, so that I can be more specific-ish about this situation).

Q: what should you do when a bot that was created by Glitch Records follows you?
A: Block and report them, very simple, right?

BUT, keep this in mind, make sure to report Glitch Records, along with the spam bots they created.

Some topics related to Glitch Records that you can look at just to get to know more about Glitch Records:

And that's basically it,
Hope you guys have a good day.

5 replies

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Just adding an update to your list of links. Glitch Records are now calling themselves Ramen Records but apart from that nothing has changed.
I think Ramen Records is still going - just got a follower by the name of Lauren Taylor - a guy using a girl's name; seems to be the pattern; here's the link:
Ramen Records is also Terri Jones
wasp records now
I love it