Glitch Records scammers have a new name.

  • 7 July 2017
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As the title says, the fake promo scammers who were calling themselves Glitch Records have a new name. The avatar says, the user name is Your Music Is Awesome, the link goes to a different page which uses a SoundClud orange color-scheme .... but it's the same scammers.

6 replies

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Ha ha ha. Few Plays. That's a good name for a fake-promotion company. And the advert track says they are called Freeplays, which is a lie since they are selling them.
Anyway, that profile got deleted and they were back to being Glitch Records on Monday night.
Glitch records are still active, they are just making fake accounts with the only track they have reposted is an eleven second message telling users (they only seem to be targeting smaller artists, as many of my friends have been targeted, scummy) to submit their tracks to their site, by following users.
Hope this helps,
SoldOut Beats
Yeah, I reported and blocked them though. Let's hope the account gets deleted.
Realy nice!
Here's another "Glitch Records" fake account called "Jane Alcorn" ; ,
she says I can get views ! As long as I go to their website and submit music , I now have a future , I knew my big break was coming today 🙂
are there any legit ways to get more followers? besides having awesome music, because mine is not