Got warning about too much liking, link to 'terms of use' goes to an error page, wow.

url goes to this ->{{$route

im not happy about this like blocking on my account either, but im going to make a separate post about that.

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Hi there Ay Plus,

Sorry about the troubles with this. I've merged a different conversation of yours to our official statement on the help forum about blocks & limits. If you continue to have questions around this, please get in touch with our Trust & Safety team directly. You can do so here.

About the wrong link - can you provide the URL or a screenshot of the site that has the faulty link to our terms of use so we can figure this out?

the link was in the popup i got that said i cannot like. i dont remember the song but i assume the popup is the same on every page it didnt have anything unique to the song page in it.
how do i get tot he merged conversation page