• 10 January 2019
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Sir, my last email never gave me a receipt! What’s the point in reporting something important if you can’t be bothered confirmation of my issues? Mad! I do hope you do reply to this, just to let me know in the first instance before I seek the Police in the matter!

I sent you previously at d******** with attachments!

Now I’m writing the same from this email address so that you cannot deny receiving it😉 I also include a screenshot of a Brady Rhett through whom a Sarah Davachi sent me a “following you” notification 🤔 look at the similarity between my profile name and hers! Up until this notification, I would never have noticed this obvious hack- almost as if “Sarah” or davchri in another form was giving me a little nudge that she had now control of my identity and profile!
Look into this as it’s possible that same hacker who’s hacked me many many times now, and won’t give up! And now, never happy, has found SoundCloud is a very easy option to speak his bile! If this IS the case, please remove my music from your criminal infested site ASAP, and shall then not be taking out the subscription I had promised myself 😥

So as below:

Please remove the “track” from my list of recordings! The one at the top of the list, the foreigners track
Obviously a hacker going on about bitcoins!

He CANNOT BE REMOVED! Please Remove! This is now my second download of your app tonight! Hoping it would be removed that way! Obviously, I am wrong!

Also, when you do a search for no listings are shown now! Why??? What game are you allowing hackers to play with my account and MY fucking MUSIC 😡

I shall have to report this to the Police as this is not the first time a company has been as negligent as you, for allowing access to fraudsters! Come on! You’re SOUNDCLOUD! Jeesus!

Hurry up and get this sorted! I shall not be settling up a subscription now with this shit happening to my music! People are hearing this Cunt now too!

I’m very angry 😡

Do something constructive!
But please DO NOT create that link to your nasty service until you have removed the perpetrator and confirmed you have informed the authorities of his free movement on your network!

I now have to inform everyone and hope that no industry impresarios are thinking I condone such lonely, uninformed and base people in MY mix!

I enclosed a mishmash of screenshots for you to waste your time over! His site seems to promote hate! A hate criminal as well as profiteering through bitcoins!

Thanking you in advance,

David Christmas

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