Hello, Need help, my soundcloud was deleted

  • 25 October 2015
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Hello, Need help, my soundcloud was hacked and the primary email was changed, I need help getting back into it. All of the songs were either deleted or turned private, but I hope they can be recovered somehow. My soundcloud had thousands of plays , and songs that were very important to me. I was a soundcloud pro member as well. I really need to get this back as soon as possible, thank you

7 replies

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Hi Sineh,

I see that you have already contacted our Trust and Safety team and that they are investigating. You will hear back from them as soon as possible.

Hang in there,
Lol, Thanks for the help
You should block your bank stuff The URL was changed to
What's your old soundcloud channel?
I had two emails connected, and the password was changed once a week and was definitely a strong passsword... It is definitely not my fault
That's heavy mate.. Unfortunately it's your own fault.. You need a strong password and at least 2 email-addresses! It's your risk to have 1 email.