Help Me How Can I Get API Key

  • 25 January 2017
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More than 7 weeks gone. I haven't get SoundCloud API Key and no message in email. I applied for soundcloud api key in this link - I applied more than twice and waste more than 1+ months for soundcloud api key. but no email no api key why? can anyone help me how to get soundcloud api key...

Best answer by Israel James 26 January 2017, 09:22

Can some one reply ,i have the same issue , how do we know the status of apps created .
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3 replies

Can some one reply ,i have the same issue , how do we know the status of apps created .
Last I read they were backlogged a bit...
Hello Guys,
i got api key today(27/01/2017). 5 times I applied for SoundCloud Api Key from 14/12/2016. Only my 4th app was accepted. I got unaccept message from 2nd and 5th app. From other 1st and 3rd apps i haven't got any message till now. my 4th app which is accepted today is taking 3 week and 4 days. my website is working now. if your are applying for soundcloud api key please read soundcloud terms-of-use completely and answer their questions in form very carefully. Don't give any fake answer and mistake.

This reasons must not be mistake when you apply for soundcloud api key
1. SoundCloud Profile URL (Example :
2. App Description (Write short description about your app)
3. App URL (Example :

In other first 3 app i haven't given my website url and my app description sentences are wrong because i'm not an expert in english language. i think in this reasons all my 4 application are rejected and only 1 is accepted.

Thanks SoundCloud.