hey soundcloud fans what about paysafecards??

  • 26 January 2018
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hello everybody as newcomer bedroom producer i always loved soundcloud and until now as rank 1 world unsigned mixcloud dj at mixcloud 144times rank 1 world and big soundcloud fan especially when this page created things like my 2 likes of jesse saunders the housemusic creator and legend for 2 of my tracks as i always had problems when try get a pro with paypal i would love to pay my pro acc with an paysafe card like you pay nearly all on endless pages in the net,is there an option to do this or do this in a tricky way where you can exchange the card into anything what later i can use for buy this pro membership,for example an easy membership always goes only 30days each 9,99 prepaid pro membership. for example a place you upload coins and then get every month the needed coins automaticially taken like on every handy today prepaid money??

0 replies

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