How can I change my Soundcloud profile picture frame from circle to square? I like it to be square

  • 9 March 2016
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Not impressed at all with the new round profile frame change. At least, let the end user have the option to choose between the two.

3 replies

Totally agree here. This "update" was totally unnecessary.
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Completely Agree.
It destroys the original design and does not have any consistency to all else (track cover picture, icon appearing when commenting on each track), either not is practical to design the new one, to view the following status pages, etc. It doesn't work for anything.
Disgusting and annoying if we have to prepare the one which would work for both...
(apparently it would restrict the design possibility)

Who the hell thought this superficial design would work??
Change it back to Square ASAP!!!!!!
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I pay for my account. The circle dont fit my logo. its messed up my page! please change it back or give us a choice. this is not good...