How can I recover a deleted account?

  • 24 August 2019
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Hello, I just submitted a ticket to soundcloud regarding my account. I have deleted it without thought of how this would affect my music library, at first deleting it seemed like a promising idea. I didn't like the route it was taking and wanted to start new, easy right? no. My account had over 70 tracks and of course I had the mp3 files on my hard drive. But as of recently my hdd has under gone a corruption situation. I had to purchase a new one and install my os all over again, well my mp3 were not anywhere to be recovered. Except my soundcloud page which I had just deleted not long before. My question is if there is anyway to recover my account and its tacks without going through too much trouble (once again I have contacted soundcloud through a support ticket and yes one might ask if i should wait for a response) I believe that submitting a ticket and posting to the community forum would be much safer as to acquire an adequate answer to my question.

0 replies

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