How do I remove a follower?

  • 5 February 2019
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Within minutes of setting up my account on Soundcloud, a spam follower appeared with a very racy profile picture. I've blocked the person, but their profile pic and name remain under my followers tab. I began this account for my junior high students to access material, yet I cannot allow them to come onto the account until this person and their picture is removed. How do I get rid of this "follower" for good? Thanks.

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Hi Lisa,

Sorry to hear that - spam is an ongoing issue on SoundCloud unfortunately, and our Trust & Safety team continues to improve the systems to detect & remove fake profiles as soon as possible. The account should now be gone - when I look at your public profile. I no longer see any followers on there.

Here's another tip for you: If you want to share a specific track with your students, consider setting the track to be "private" and send out the "secret link". This ensures that no other - related - content is playing for your students afterwards. Our related content algorithm can sometimes push content in the autoplay queue that might not exactly be what you want your students to hear either, and the privacy setting makes sure they'll only be able to listen to the track - or playlist - you shared with them.

Here are some helpful links from our Help Center: