How do you guys unfollow people?

  • 12 May 2017
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Soooooo it looks like we recently hit the 2K followers limit which is very annoying and frustrating to say the least...

I'm quite baffled that's a thing at all.

Anyways, I'm looking for ways to unfollow accounts that meet certain criterias :
- Uploaded nothing in the past 12 months
- Has a ratio superior to 10
- Has less than 3 songs

Found the website "" but the features are fairly limited and Soundcloud didn't think it would be a good idea to provide their users with a decent way to filter through their followed accounts so unfortunately I haven't found a way to make some space for other users.

Do you guys have any tips and tricks to share?

Looks like we'll have no choice but to have two accounts.

Thank you everyone!

4 replies

- Has a ratio superior to 10

I'm not sure what you mean here?

We'd like more filters in the basic search function, to remove profiles with no uploads. There is a filter window on your followers page but it is only for names. It would be handy to be able to reorganize the layout on that page.

These are more rules for following in the first place, and based on our account being a record label with a fairly specific niche:
Don't follow someone just because they've started following us. Check their profile to see if they upload music. If they do and its something we like, we'll follow back. If it's not quite our thing but shows potential one of us might follow them from a personal page and see if there's progress.
If they don't upload their own music, but repost things relevant to us that we don't hear elsewhere we follow. Otherwise there isn't much point. Even with the fairly small amount we do follow we never have time to listen to everything in our stream.
What I mean by a ratio superior to 10 is for example someone that is following 10 times more people than people follow them. Usually label / radio / podcast channels.

It's perfectly okay to have strict rules for your following but we tend to be a bit more loose about that and follow someone when they posted something interesting, or reposted something interesting, and has a decent feed to offer. In years of using SoundCloud, we now reached 2K members like that and we'll have now to un-follow people.

We clearly don't have the time to listen to what all those 2000 members publish but we like the idea to be able to follow them, and many more. This is restrictive and don't hold much meaning. If your collection could only hold 2000 vinyls would you start burning the old one when you get new ones?

Anyway... I realize this probably won't be addressed anytime soon since I've seen other people been complaining about this for 3 years and still nothing has changed. I just wish there was a better way to filter out our following to be able to unfollow accounts that may have become inactive since the first time we followed them.
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Maybe the 2000 limit is to stop the damage caused by spambots. Take Bernice here as an example:
Bernice is following almost 2000 people. 304 have followed "her" back. Every time a new Glitch/Glorify/G Records spam account is made and they upload their advert it's being added to a lot of streams. And the fake promo service behind this bot have around 2000 more all doing the same thing.

Although I guess there isn't a reason to stop real people following more than 2000 other real people. Maybe there could be some sort of verification process to follow a larger amount???
I can understand it as a temporary measure to prevent an abuse in the system but to limit your entire user base because you cannot address a problem that plagues your platform isn't an appropriate answer in my humble opinion.