How does SoundCloud copyright policy work for Korean artists

  • 10 February 2019
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I find quite a lot of Korean and Japanese music uploaded in SoundCloud violating the copyright claims of the original artist. Since SC doesn't bother about it, nor do they take any reports from its users concerning the copyright claim unless they are the original artists or representatives, its quite apparent that those songs which are uploaded and uploaders violating the copyright claim would not get any kind of consequences for doing so. This is very questionable, because as far as I know, SC does have an internal copyright checking system regarding this matter. In this sense, do SC have copyright checking database for Korean and Japanese artist at all in the first place? If so, is SC aware of this problem?

There was an issue when a member of a famous Korean girls band 'Twice' called Nayeon once shared herself listening to a music(Secret by Taeyeon) via SC, which its copyright was obviously violated, on Instagram. I personally think such problems only causes negative effect of public perception of SC as a place where copyright is easily violated, thus encourages others to do so as well. I do hope that SC remains the opportunity of new and unknown artists to share their artistic works, not the opportunity of copyright violators who seeks for attention and monetize their illegal uploads.

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