How has this app not been shut down yet?

  • 15 April 2019
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This app is nothing like it advertises and the 30 day free trial does not last for 30 days. There is no music to listen to on the app. I do not enjoy being lied to and then being robbed. I would have gotten more out of setting my money on fire. Thanks a lot Soundcloud, now I feel violated. Can you guys please not charge me anymore money? This is the only avenue I have found for complaints, questions or concerns of any sort. I subscribed to Soundcloud on my Android and then inconveniently found out that you cannot unsubscribe from that same Android device. I unsubscribed on a PC, it said it was canceled, but based on the problems I have had with this app, I do not trust that my subscription has been canceled. I guess I'm going to have to get a new credit card since they have probably already sold my information around the globe by now. I don't see how what you are doing is even legal. I regret ever ever subscribing to this app. What comfort I take in knowing that this has happened to others and will continue to happen to others in the future. Thank you for breaking my trust and continuing to dampen my faith in humanity.

*UPDATE* I just had to unsubscribe for the second time. Will it take this time?

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