How many people can I follow in one session before I have followed too many and am blocked?

  • 12 January 2017
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I followed too many too fast so now I am blocked, even though I unfollowed allot too. Next time I log on I am going to want to follow some more people. What is the limit of people I can follow before I am blocked? Please tell me this so I don't violate terms and waste your time and mine.


~Groovy Gu-ru

6 replies

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I don't see the point in paying for a Pro account. I got a block for following people that are following me??? That makes no sense.

Let me get this straight...Every morning I wake up I get 8 to 10 new followers and I can't follow them back?

It seems that SoundCloud is hurting them more than me. My track just happens to be popular at the moment but the people that want me to follow them get no love.

Here is my assessment. Let's just say I work in the 'industry'.

SoundCloud is starting to gain a major following. They are attempting to restrict independent artists from 'diluting' their servers so they can promote the 'bigger' artists. I would imagine people like 'Skrillex' NEVER get blocked.

Sounds like SoundCloud is looking to make money on a grassroots effort that was meant to promote starving artists. Sounds like Facebook all over again. The list goes on.

It's just sad.
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I have experienced same annoyance and its annoying we ask the same question and don't get a explanation.
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oh and by the way - don't use your mobile to follow people as you don't get the warnings there and by the time you get to your PC it's too late as that's when you get the warning - a daily limit is all we need to know and being allowed to follow as many people back without limits should be aloud. Come on Soundcloud - give us some proper customer service.
Hello SoundCloud I'm really displeased right now... I finally realized why I'm not following some of the people I've been following.. for some reason you guys keep unfollowing and unliking the accounts I associate my self with ... FUCK YOU SOUNDCLOUD !
What is the limit of people I can follow before I am blocked?
~Groovy Gu-ru

——SoundCloud profiles can follow up to 2000 other profiles. Blocks come from follow/unfollow behaviour not necessarily a set number so spacing out your follow actions will help you not get blocked.


Thought I'd attempt to take one for the team and follow 69 users in a 2 minute timespan 😛. Result?—no block. I'm usually very selective on who I follow and I prune my list occasionally—no idea how you guys are getting blocked. How many people are you following in a 24hr timespan?!!! :? I also unfollowed the users right after.
Once you are on some list, because you got a block before it rather like 20 followers in a row untill you get the next block I assume. Unfortunatley, no one is gonna tell us how high that number is. You only hear like... follow therules then you dont get blocked (alternative fact?).....