How to contact user who no longer uses account, or have souncloud open URL

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I understand that URLs and usernames are first come first serve, especially when a proper name. that said, I own the trademark for "Daniel Adam" in the US, and rather than pursue international trademarks for every country and reach out to every user on every app on the planet for such a commonly taken name, I've used @DanielAdamMusic. I already have the following:

I've sent a DM to the user but I get no response. The user doesn't appear to have shared or uploaded anything in over 2 years. Is there a way to contact Soundcloud and petition use of a URL if someone has abandoned it - or an alternate way to find contact info for a user who doesn't appear to be using their account anymore?

Thank you for the help if anyone has gone through this before!

The one of many...."Daniel Adam"

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Hi man!

Did you find anything on that topic?

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Hi there,

Sorry to say there is little we can do if the user doesn't respond to your message on SoundCloud. 😕