How to report a site using your tracks without your permission

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If you have come across a third party application that is using the SoundCloud API, and you suspect that it violates SoundCloud’s API Terms of Use, then please let us know by contacting us and selecting Trust & Safety from the drop down menu on our Help Centre.

When reporting an application please make sure to provide us with a link to the application (whether that’s a link to a direct website, or to the app in a major App Store). We will need this link in order to use the application, and review it’s functionality.

Our team will then review the applications reported to us and take action against any application which violates our Terms of Use.

Thanks for helping out!


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My account disappeared. Can someone please help me
Artist: T-wee Acehigh
This my link but my account disappeared I can't open it
Hey SoundCloud I just want to ask you can you stop making people hack my music an changing the plays on my songs. It’s really affect me a lot right now. You wouldn’t want anyone to do you like that.

Thank You

Downloading songs from SoundCloud is now easy. I think it has a bit of copyright issues, but it's very popular on social networks. I can get the SoundCloud download example:
The website captures songs that aren't even downloadable nor can be played offline from SoundCloud and make the available for download !!!

This considers ALL ARTISTS on SoundCloud. SoundCloud should act in behalf of ALL ARTISTS and get in contact with as well check their security mechanisms.

How to report a 3rd party website that enables downloading my tracks on soundcloud even though I didn't allow downloading or embedding or any permission?
Dear soundcloud-team,

this homepage , - which I never knew before, linked my sc-side-dj-sets and remixes 4 free download - which I never have and will give permission to do so ... would appreciate to leave it like it was - FREE listen - NO downloads - streams online over a proper podcast anywayz, which cleared the gema and copyrights . Thank you in advance - zoomee
Hi there,
I wonder what i can do? I recognized that someone named Fatin Fama stole my tracks and presents them on other web pages, where you can download them for free without asking for rights.

Here is the link of the webpage:

It would be nice to get a tip what to do even if I'm not a signed artist.
Thanx ahead.

Time for a lawsuit if you want Soundcloud to survive. does not host and/or cache any audio/music files on our site.
All audio/music files that you download are uploaded by SoundCloud user(s) and hosted on SoundCloud server(s).

The above explains that Soundcloud has a breach in security and is allowing access to all files.
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Ramdomly was searching for myself and found this..

A Website is using all contents of SOUNDCLOUD MEMBER's and letting to download any of the songs...

This is the website, using our own music and providing link to download. although "we did not let anyone download it".. They provided a download button for soundcloud musics from everyone's account...

Is there something wrong with the data security of soundcloud ?


I've forwarded this accordingly. Please see the original post for future reference.

Ramdomly was searching for myself and found this..

A Website is using all contents of SOUNDCLOUD MEMBER's and letting to download any of the songs...

This is the website, using our own music and providing link to download. although "we did not let anyone download it".. They provided a download button for soundcloud musics from everyone's account...

Is there something wrong with the data security of soundcloud ?

links to the Propellerhead Reason User community ( triggers a phishing warning, and I can't find the place to report it as a false warning on the linked page soundcloud suggests.

"To learn more about how we categorize sites or to report one that might be wrongfully blocked, please visit the help forum.":
Obtain a ISRC code for your music. SoundExchange makes tracking of your recordings easier.
The site DJSBUZZ.NET in India mirrors almost everything that I cross-checked on from SoundCloud artist sites. I've written the site's registrar,, and to other info found at WHOIS about this URL. Suggest SC does the same. Not only theft, but also THEIR idea of "rating" songs on some cockamamie star system. Must be taken down. They are trading off of a seemingly legit music site in India called DJSBUZZ.IN by using a very similar address.

Everyone should check for their music there, and write to at and to the WHOIS contact for this URL, which is
Another company to protect us from is

I am paying you to use your service, not deal with daily spam...

Thank you
Hello, I am very frustrated by the spammers like Why won't you protect your paying users Soundcloud? For every post I make, I receive more than one spam message that I have to delete...

I would like to use my soundcloud account (pro unlimited user) for educational purposes though I do not feel safe sharing an account with elementary students when spammers make daily posts to my account. Nothing from my perspective has been done so I do not plan on renewing my paid for service. Will Soundcloud improve? What other services would you all suggest for hosting online recordings for an elementary music teacher?
I'd get a lawyer and would confront these guys directly. You're wasting time, waiting for soundcloud to do something. Maybe they won't even be able to do something.
I should add, that because the record company has claimed the "copyright" for my work, I am unable to do anything with my own creations. I can't post them to youtube or anywhere else, without violating "their" rights.

It's crazy that this has happened. I didn't know something like this was possible until it happened to me.
I have discovered that my music is being taken from my soundcloud page and being sold by a record label under the name of another artist on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Spotify and a host of other sites. They have "copyrighted" the music to this other artist, denying me the right to use my own work, which is completely illegal.

I can prove the original compositions are mine - they were uploaded to my soundcloud profile prior to the album's release (and the fake artist has no previous work anywhere to be found). That alone should prove my copyright claim.

I have written to Soundcloud, and the main sites the music is being sold on, and have not received any response from any of them as yet.

How do I get these music sites and the record company to stop taking my work and selling it someone else's name?
you cant' do nothing the same happened to me now my soundcloud went from 1700 to 3000 fake followers.. 😞

I found out that some of the fake accounts and promo bullshit stuff is coming from "users" of a website named Is there a possibility that someone can eliminate the connection to this? Or better say: destroy this mentioned website and other similar pages like this??

It's just frustrating to get pseudo likes and repost by people (EVERYTIME!) who are not really serious checking out the music/sounds someone is uploading on Soundcloud. This isn't fun! Always such a corrupt and unfair thing, I'm sure these promo/fake users also get paid for an activity like this. How do they even search and find latest uploads so fast? Don't they have other and better things to do?

It's annoying to just block these people each individually and hope that they will disappear. Half of these blocked people still exist.

Hope someone can help. Thanks
Hi Kalina,

I am in a similar situation and the site that has done it to me is and there is no way to contact them without setting up an account, like your music they have made my music available for download so i have the same question as you and i hope we will get some answers to this. As it should not be happening and like you i don't really want to have to remove my music of soundcloud and move it else where?

Steve - CIM 🙂
My files are available to download as they are linked and visible from Soundcloud on more sites e.g. without my permission....I thought I have only business with Soundcloud for free listening, but my file have not been listened for months because it is downloaded without my permission on the web sites linked to Soundcloud.I think I have to delete my files from Soundcloud but a lot of people downloaded them and I am sure that they use them for commercial purpose....My topic is for information and for advice - .I will delete the files but what happened with the stolen files that are mine?And if I delete my files in order to stop the download, I don't have proof that all this happened and the files are mine and the web sites abuse in this case.
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