How To Report a spam or fake account

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Hello Everyone,

Our Trust & Safety team is continually working to fight against spam, but sometimes we can't catch it all. There are routines & methods in place to spot fake or spam accounts soon, but it can sometimes take a moment. With your help we'll have a better chance!

You can "Block and Report" any account you suspect to be a fake, or spam account. You will see the option to block an account at the top right of their profile. Please note you must be on a computer, not a mobile device, to use this feature.

When blocking an account you will also be given the option to remove reposts, likes and comments made by that person on your account. However, please keep in mind that all profiles are public and accounts you have blocked will still be able to view your profile and listen to your sounds.

Please block these users rather then reporting them here on the Help Community. This way your reports get directly through to the Trust & Safety team.

Thanks & all the best
Mathis & Jonathan

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Hey guys, so I just got online and decided to check my Soundcloud page, when I notice that I have 7.6k plays in the last 24 hours when I barely have 300 something followers!

Is my account going to be fine if someone botted my song and I didn't know about it? Or are these actual people? Should I worry?
Thanks in advance! 😃
I want to report an account that I strongly suspect has been impersonating a well known artist.

He basically put all his tracks on his page, then deleted them to gain followers.

How do I go about reporting this?

Thank you
Porn follower gillian is trolling me how to kick her.
I have clicked on one too many of your "I want to get to know you" emails from your sound-cloud message servers to find I'm being redirected to "" by the user account holder -- TrudyCarr96635 sent you a message:

"I really like to talk to me, to make me feel beautiful,"
"I really like to talk to me..." well, she's not, he/she or it, is sending emails to me in broken english.
PRE-SCREEN your messages or REMOVE ALL WEB LINKS FROM YOUR USER EMAIL MESSAGES! -- It's pretty simple! Someone like TrudyCarr96635 really needs to be stuck in jail for trying to advertise SEX to MINORS!!! You have ABSOLUTELY no way to protect a minor form that kind of filth.

Obnoxious bastards. Anyone have any suggestions on how to remove the stupid virtual flesh peddling idiots out of your member list?
Are you getting constant spam like emails from people claiming to like your work and join a stupid fake website called Scofen?
All I get is spam. What's going on? The site has been over-run by spammers. And yet there are members with thousands of followers and zero postings of any kind.

Spammers know to the second when I post, so why can't SoundCloud identify them?

It's killing the site. It truly is.

There needs to be better tools to target fans on SoundCloud, to reach them. And stop the spam. Currently, the amount I pay for storage, because that's all I'm getting, isn't worth it.
"routines & methods in place to spot fake or spam accounts soon"
No, there clearly aren't any such "routines or methods" in place at all. I note that this was posted 2 years ago. You guys have done nothing to combat spam since then but still expect users to pay you? What the fuck is up with that?

95% of these spammers use the EXACT same profile picture - an orange background with text saying some bullshit like "Submit your track". Surely, someone on your team has the skills to create a filter for that picture.
@GUNSO hey so i had the same situation once but it was on the number of followers
i don't know where the heck i got those followers from but some how it got me to 81 followers at the time to 300 followers in a matter of seconds

is this consider the same problem @SoundCloud Community Support?
@Marples Trackoni I too got very frustrated but the spam bots liking my track and following me. But I've found a pretty cool way to get away from them: Use ublock origin to block all the notifications and all the stats. (this does not work on the app though).
After all, soundcloud is nice to share and discover music. All those stats are just useless crap that makes you believe that the value of your music is just a number of click on a like/follow button. Relying on this platform to promote a young project is a big waste of time and energy. Actually, the value of soundcloud for such project is barely more than online storage to put your music.
It's a great tool to discover new music though (and this is the only reason I gave they money).

Can you do anything about these people? They are using your logo without permission and are inflating my listener figures by hitting me with 50 listens that I know are bogus.
Urban Tiger
Hi I uploaded a track for the first time in a long time, and it has been liked a load of times by the same scammer who is selling followers, same advertising profile picture for each account.
What is really stupid, is this same profile picture kept coming up a few years ago too, how is it that scammer has been running this for years on this site and it has not been seen or taken down?
And looking at the posts above, it seems apparent that soundcloud is doing nothing about it whatsoever, should I remove my tracks and take them to a service that gives a damn?