How To Report a spam or fake account

  • 14 December 2015
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Block this people’s accounts too.
Delete this spammer's account.
this happened to us in the past, I would also like an answer
Can you please delete my two old accounts
Can you guys please delete these 2 accounts they are my old ones that some people have a hold too please help
Delete this spam lady bot's account.
When I released my track on Soundcloud, UMG SATIN ( and YMM UMG MEDIA HQ (, they wrote to me about what they want to promote my tracks I do not know who they are, but there is a suspicion of fraud. But one guy under his trail wrote another person who looks like them (maybe BOT). Here is his link:
So, if I publish my track under the ambient category, the bots will start subscribing to me and put 3 likes in the three tracks of my tracks. All these bots have this ad audio in reposts: https: // -349038535352 / trck, and here is its page: I watched them for a long time. I decided to tell you about it because I was tired of seeing them.