How to Report a Spam or Fake Account

  • 14 December 2015
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Hello Everyone,

Our Trust & Safety team is continually working to fight against spam, but sometimes we can't catch it all. There are routines & methods in place to spot fake or spam accounts soon, but it can sometimes take a moment. With your help we'll have a better chance!

You can "Block and Report" any account you suspect to be a fake, or spam account. You will see the option to block an account at the top right of their profile. Please note you must be on a computer, not a mobile device, to use this feature.

When blocking an account you will also be given the option to remove reposts, likes and comments made by that person on your account. However, please keep in mind that all profiles are public and accounts you have blocked will still be able to view your profile and listen to your sounds.

Please block these users rather then reporting them here on the Help Community. This way your reports get directly through to the Trust & Safety team.

Thanks & all the best

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