I am bombarded with requests to change my password (via e-mail)

  • 4 December 2017
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It seems that my e-mail address wasn't safe enough, because there is absolutely noone in my private life who would want to take hold of my soundcloud account. Since 5 days ago or so, I'm constantly spammed with an e-mail stating

"Hey syndrome,

We received a request to change your password on SoundCloud.

Click here to change your password

If you didn’t request a password change, you can ignore this message and continue to use your current password. Someone probably typed in your email address by accident.

Your friends at SoundCloud"

I'm positive there is at least some likelihood that my email address wasn't typed in by accident.
I have already changed my password immediately, I did that just once, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do if this happens constantly. Can they guess it eventually? (Probably not, but why bothering then?)

To clarify, I have received at least 6 such emails in the last 5 days. What should I do?
And did I somehow expose my email on soundcloud itself, because I haven't done anything to compromise my identity?

Thanks for helping me out.

1 reply

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Same problem as here:

Do any of the suggestions there help?