I am not able to revoke access from soundclouds "connected applications" settings

  • 29 November 2017
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Hi Team,

This is to inform you that I have a problem revoking access of another application called "the artist union".

When I click on the revoke button, the application does away, but on refreshing, it appears back in there. I suppose due to this issue I am unable to login to the artist union's website as well. When I try to login here , I receive an error that states "authentication failed".

I also tried changing my SC password, this did not help. After logging back in the application was still showing up there.

I tried different web browsers and revoked access, that did not work as well.

Tried to use the revoke all button several times but no luck :-(

Please help.

Awaiting your reply.

Thanks and regards,

1 reply

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