I can't access my account

  • 29 April 2015
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this is the second time i post this problem because it haven't been solved

i can't access my account and i don't know why my account URL is
when i search on my url it appears something went wrong :/

i need my account back

and i can't make a new account with my facebook account because my official was made by facebook too so they block that way for me :(

and i sent this massage to the help center and didn't answer me on this link

what can i do to have it back ??

3 replies

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Hi islam,

Sorry to hear you still not getting anywhere with this :(

Contacting the account recovery guys is the only way to have this dealt with, it may be that they are quite busy, I don't know, but with the sheer quantity of soundcloud users out there, the law of averages states that every day there must be quite a few people who find themselves in the same or similar position to yourself.

The only thing I can suggest is to re-contact them, make sure you provide them with as much details as possible, email address/es linked to your account, how it was set up, anything you can think of that may help them to help you...because this account specific information is needed, that is why it can't be dealt with on the forums as the information would then just be available for anyone to see.

Im sorry I can't do anything directly for you on this myself :(


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Hi Islam,

For account access you need to get in touch via email here. We cannot investigate account access cases on the public forum.

thanks alot and i'll send to them again