I can't follow over 2k people??

  • 30 June 2017
  • 3 replies

Soundcloud won't let me download over 2,000 people on Soundcloud. I don't have time to research into every account so I tend to follow and go back later for research but now I can't follow people, its been 2 days. I have the pro account, this saddens me.

3 replies

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Dear SoundCloud - Please raise the limit of only able to Follow 2k artists/people ! In this day of age you should be able to scale your systems. It is ridiculous you’d put a limit on your Customers (especially your paying ones) !

It would also be useful if you communicated in the app this ceiling, rather than when I as a customer press the ‘Follow’ button and it flickers to ‘Following’ and then back to ‘Not Following’...very poor User design/interface !!!!
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SoundCloud, please remove that limitation or at least give us some legit explanation because given your actual size and business model it is an absurdity to maintain such an ordinary issue.