I can't give "Free downloads" to my fans ...

  • 23 April 2016
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Few month ago, you give me a second strike to music uploded in my account.

"We've received a report directly from EDM Spotlight Inc that your track "Deep Down Bouncy Bob (Chris & Bastian Lorenz Bootleg)" contains "Bouncy Bob" by Martin Garrix. As a result, your track has been removed from your profile for the time being."

EDM Spolight Inc accept me to download track on Youtube, and my video is suggested in original video on Youtube.

Now, I can't give freedownloads to all my fans. I'm not so famous, and I have to share free music with my fans. I have some upcoming original tracks and authorised remixes to share with us, I have to give freedownload to them.

Can you remove strikes on my account, and help me to share more music, more about MY music please ?

2 replies

When Kaskade anounce he will close his account this is something you can do ...
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Hello there,

Sorry, this is not something we can do.