I can't sign in to my account on my phone

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This issue is because of the CAPCHA. Change your IP and you should be able to sign in. (i.e. toggle WiFi or use a VPN).
same old problem 2 years later still not fixed or acknowledged. cheers soundcloud...
Two years later, same issue. Both on Marshall London and Xperia X. Seriously if you're reading this and don't have too much music on soundcloud. Find another service, it isn't worth the struggle, and it isn't correct to support this shit. Two years later and a frequently occurring issue is still unsolved.
Same problem in mobile app on Meizu m3s.
Developers please!
I have the exact same problem...
Fix found (sort of).
I had this issue on my Samsung galaxy s2, galaxy Tab S2, and later on my s8 (as soon as I installed the app).
I couldn't log onto the app with my email or through Google. I even changed my password and nothing happened. I still got the same error.

If you access soundcloud through Firefox android browser, using desktop view you can then log in. From here you can access your account and music. Not great but it works.

The only way I could get it to work was deleting my account, and creating a new one on the same email. I was then able to log on to the app. It is a problem with specific accounts, and may have something to do with Samsung. I suspect a registry of logins for the app has been corrupted somewhere (somehow).

Try: requesting a password change - And actually changing the password (not to the original one you thought you had set). It might be that resetting the password to the same thing does not fix the issue. Didn't test this dod (only thought of it now). Let me know if this works please.

Thanks and sorry I couldn't be more useful 😞.
Hi there,

Can you take a screenshot of the error message? Also, are you constantly signed in to your account on your computer, or can you sign in on basically, any other device except for your phone? This would be the first thing I'd like to ask you to check - open a new browser window (if you're still logged in on your computer's web browser, make sure to try a different browser or a private / incognito window of your browser of choice) and try to log in.

If it is working there, it should on your phone as well.

Or, are you typically logging in via our Facebook or Google+ integration? If that's the case, it could be that the phone cannot read this info properly. To get this working, sign out of any Google+ & FB account on your phone, then restart the SoundCloud app and try again.

Hope this helps.


I have the same problem on my lg aristo 2 it wasnt connecting to the internet so i re installed it and it just wouldnt let me login

I already deleted the Cache and Data, uninstalled the App, rebootet Phone and downloaded it again.
Still Error
Also changing my password didn _t help.
I can login on my Phone by using any Webbrowser, so it must be a failure in the App.

I did the same and it just wont go away