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I have a Copyright related question, who can I speak to?

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pretty much said what i needed to in descripion , know one can know what some one else has already tittled im about to quit sound cloud cause of this crap and no number to call
Is it forbidden when I listen to songs where the performers have no rights because I just listen to songs that are really great but they have been changed so Remix and the performers have no rights is this Ilegal?

I'm having serious troubles with a wrong copyright claim against my own track. I already filed a dispute but how could I prove I'm the one and only copyright holder of my own track I upload on my own SC profile ?

As a result, the dispute got rejected.. Now I don't know what to do, there is no way to see who reported my track and no way to attach poofs in the dispute, no way to do anything.

I distribute my tracks worldwide thanks to Routenote so my track are protected, have an UPC/ISRC.

I need you help please.. So much effort put into making and promoting my tracks and I will get a strike for this...



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i was using sound cloud when out of nowhere my account was randomly signed out and now i can not login, it just says that my email isnt linked to any account. Please help i paid for soundcloud go and now my account has dissapeared! This is my 2nd account, the one missing is called CruchCroc, and when i try to search it nothing comes up. I got no emails or anything about this it just randomly happened. ( )
Hey there!

This is pretty debated topic but I was wondering what the current rules on SoundCloud are for uploading bootleg remixes?
Do you need permission from the original owner of the song?
If so how would I do something like that?

Thanks heaps
As a music producer and studio owner paid by customers to write and compose music for them, I'd like to upload snippets without having to dispute all the time.

This is ridiculous. Since I'm the original copyright owner. Although the customers get their own deals with the labels, it should be possible for me to upload snippets without hassles.

What can I do?
First of all this is the first time this has happened for me!
I am writing here, since I am afraid to upload again, so I will not get banned for something I have not done.

I uploaded a ORIGINAL techhouse/house track recently which is still a beta version, and it contains NO similar items or sounds to the track that soundcloud says that i have copied, or whatever...
First of all I thought it was a funny error, since my track is house/tech and the one they mentioned is some random jazz track.
Tim Hagans - Hud Doyle

I am posting this, cause I can't understand how my dispute was rejected, when both tracks have nothing in common at all.
I have even sent in a dispute TWICE.
I understand that soundcloud's copyright laws are strict, but this doesn't make sense at all.

The only thing I can hear is that there is a trumpet sound in my and the given track, and it's not even the same...
hi, Soundcloud refuses a track of mine (made with musicmaker jam) and refers to a track of the label "mint grooves". But can't find any listing on the internet of this label. Can anybody help me getting this ??
My song was taken down and there was no copyright infringement and I have all parties acknowledging that what they contributed will be released publicly for the overall song... I would love it if my song got reinstated and I lost the violation on my account.

Can I get my song reinstated?
Hi every one i uploaded a song related to my website . Its show an error copyright content, can you please some one help me out regarding this issue.
My original tracks were taken down due to copyright. But it says that the reason It was taken down due to copyright was "The Streetlight Club," which is me. I have done nothing but play my tracks how can this happen, and how do I fix it from happening again.
I freestyled on a beat with copyright but i wasn't trying to use it for profit, just for fun. Now my track is lost.. please help
hi everyone! i'm writing this because soundcloud doesn't let me upload songs because of the violation of the copyright terms.
the main problem is that the song "copyrighted" doesn't exist, but my tracks still been rejected and flagged ..
can i have some support or maybe a solution to this problem?
@la disco 💿 es original en mi cd y almacenamiento es de 100000 song como lo subo??????
I have recently reported a track for its use of a composition I made without my permission.

I have now settled the dispute with the label owner and am getting proper accreditation for the matter.
To settle this however - and to maintain a good working relationship with the label - we hope to be able to remove the copyright strike since it is settled.

However despite this I am unable to find a method of where I may remove the copyright strike since it has been settled internally.

Is there a way that I can remove the strike since the dispute is settled?
I filed a dispute on a copyright claim to two of my original songs, both claims were rejected. What do I do?
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Hey there @willl - I just forwarded your message to our copyright team. They will get back to you via email.

is there any way to get a download link or something to my track that has been removed because of copyright reasons? that was the only copy
About three days ago i had received an email that one of my original songs had been taken down due to copyright violation from one rpm It was because when I used one rpm to distribute my song, i selected all stores and they had made a second account with the song I was distributing while the song was also on my original account. So my accounts with my song got flagged., this is a huge incontinence because I would like to keep all my plays/likes on my song, I have filed a dispute yesterday stating that i own the content and it was a mistake, i received an generic reply from soundcloud stating that i would need an one rpm to email them about this issue, and also to talk to one rpm about whitelisting my soundcloud account so this wouldn't happen again. ( i've emailed one rpm twice to no prevail) is there any other way i can solve this issue and make sure it never happens again?
I will upload images of my email from soundcloud and my emails to one rpm to avoid confusion, thanks for reading this hope to get this resolved soon
Jude received a strike for having a similar title of another artist but the song isn’t close. Why did I receive a strike for this. Can someone please explain how this is copyrighting ?
I had a track pulled because someone used the same royalty free sample as me ... my dispute was rejected ... very annoyed 😞
On 28/05 I wrote this mail to

"Hi, I would like to point out the user Ketaddict (, because I uploaded my track for more than a year ago, without making any reference to my legitimate track property. I kindly ask that the track be locked.



Thanks in advance
Best regards

Orlando Li Mandri"

Today they answered me saying the track was removed, but when I went to look I found that they had removed my song!
It was definitely a mistake, also because my track was online for two years, the one I reported was online for only a year.

Also you can see from the soundcloud message they made a mistake. So I started a copyright controversy by noticing these things, but I was being disheartened ...

What should I do? I've been using soundcloud for 6 years and I'm pro of 3, but I'm seriously passing the urge to see us as the bad service given
And above all, how do I remove the "strike" that soundcloud has wrongfully assigned to me?
Dear Sir,

I need to ask if this ok to upload Cover Song for My Friend or some one but cover song not original.

Best Regards

My track "Hanabi Redubbed" was automatically taken down by Soundcloud.
I disputed the takedown as I own the copyright 100% on said composition.
The dispute was rejected **with no reason given**

As Soundcloud refuses to provide proper support to pro users, and obfuscates the process by forcing users to post here, I would like Soundcloud to address this issue and:

- Provide the name of the individual / business that has falsely made a copyright claim on my composition.
- Ask said 3rd party to present proof that they have copyright (which they won't be able to do) on said composition.

Why, Soundcloud, do music makers, the providers of content for your site, stand in the position of "guilty until proven innocent" in the terms of your system?
I tried uploading a chopped & screwed version of Logic - 1-800-273-8255 but it got copyright claimed. The reason why I did it in the first place is because I did not see anyone else uploading it before after searching and I guess this is the reason why.

My question is does chopped & screwed versions of songs apply to the copyright guidelines? I mean it sounds completely different that's why I thought that should've been ok.

Thank you.