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I have a Copyright related question, who can I speak to?

  • 15 January 2015
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Soundcloud apparently I dentified one of MY works as a cover work and an infringement on copyright. This was an original work that was recorded in my home studio. So I disputed this. I log on today to find that the dispute has been 'resolved' (rejected) by Soundcloud and there's nothing I can do to dispute this case further. All the options are greyed out. But I still don't have resolution!!! They obviously didn't take a listen, because it in no way even slightly resembles the track they accused me of copying. So now my track is gone and I have zero ways to reach someone at Soundcloud so I figured I'd jump on here and just let you all know not to upload your tracks to soundcloud anymore because their "copyright" team is VERY lazy, not to be bothered with listening to 10 seconds of a track to confirm their suspicions.
My original tracks were taken down due to copyright. But it says that the reason It was taken down due to copyright was "The Streetlight Club," which is me. I have done nothing but play my tracks how can this happen, and how do I fix it from happening again.
i uploaded my website audio files
my website is legal and have all rights for this album of quran of muslims and have rights to upload it from the singer it self

i found all my tracks automaticlly deleted from some one i dont know
i need to know who have this claims ?
is there any way to get a download link or something to my track that has been removed because of copyright reasons? that was the only copy
ok so i try to upload my remix of gorillaz saturnz barz on my soundcloud and it would keep getting down even when putting it on creative commons.I worked 3 months for this to just get it down after 5 can we get more exposure if you keep getting our remixes down?
The worst thing is that i searched it up and found a bunch of remixes,bootlegs of the SAME SONG im trying to upload my remix for..3 months of work for nothing..
How is it bad for me to post my remix when others have their's without a problem for like 3 months?
Answer please because i'm getting really upset over this because you say you treat everyone as equal and you actually don't.
Good job deleting a 100 followers guy remix.
How are you letting famous rappers to get fake copyright stricks to delete over 70 tracks at once on soundcloud. They have been using soundlcloud for years. More than 70 Egyptian rappers are changing to other platform because the only platform that supports them keeps accepting false copyright claims. How is a famous rapper getting more that 50 songs deleted at once and all of them has no copyrighted content like a sample or anything. These are the original artist how do you accept this. We want our tracks back. This is not a joke you made a great failure for us. You just deleted over 200 tracks for famouse rappers which are obiously the Egyptian rap career. Should we start from zero again after years using Soundcloud?
These are the rappers that woke up having all there tracks deleted for no reason:
It is obviously a scam from someone who wants us to stop posting but it is so easy to report and delete. Please update the way you accept these false strikes and please return those tracks. Thank you.
Hi, i've noticed a big problem with the report system from SoundCloud.
Apparently when someone reports a track (no matter whether there's proof of containing copyrighted content or not) it gets taken down.

There are several fake accounts reporting tracks from innocent artists, and a lot of them lost their accounts because of that

I really enquire a new and more accurate report system with fair proofs. We, the people who use this plataform and pay for the full use of it (PRO plans, etc), are slowly considering our staying in here, because no one can give us a certain solution, no one seems to mind in helping us with this BIG issue.

I'm looking forward for a response and opinions about this.

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Can you post links to some of the accounts that are making the false copyright claims?
Can you post links to some of the accounts that are making the false copyright claims?
we don't know who are them until now. but it began with one account and now over 20 rappers got there whole Original tracks deleted. all they got was an email that there tracks were deleted for copyright. it is impossible that there are copyrighted.
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It happened to a lot of other people before ...
I bet it was Sosa Ent. or Damu Brazy who did this claims ... hes long time doing it already ... and soundcloud is doing nothing ... we lost the work of 8 Hip Hop Beat producers of 3 years of work. Soundcloud is just a very unsecured platform when it comes to this with automatic disput rejects and no real ear comparing of the reported material. The crazy thing is that the guy who reported us could use just 1 track that seem to include like soundmaterial of more than 200 totally different Beats ... and even a acoustic recorded guitarline .... what has this to do with an ugly trap beat with some ugly 18 years old kid vocals on it ??? Nothing !!! But they give a shit ... Sorry i have to tell you this ....
Hey peeps!

I got an email from Soundcloud stating:

"Hi there,

Good news! We’re writing to let you know that the copyright strike on your SoundCloud account has expired."...

The strange thing is, I cant remember ever getting a copyright strike, is there anywhere I can find what this "strike" was for?

Aaron @ Valiant Kings
Who knows how long it would take soundcloud to review a track or how to contact them. Urgent please.
hi, Soundcloud refuses a track of mine (made with musicmaker jam) and refers to a track of the label "mint grooves". But can't find any listing on the internet of this label. Can anybody help me getting this ??
i was using sound cloud when out of nowhere my account was randomly signed out and now i can not login, it just says that my email isnt linked to any account. Please help i paid for soundcloud go and now my account has dissapeared! This is my 2nd account, the one missing is called CruchCroc, and when i try to search it nothing comes up. I got no emails or anything about this it just randomly happened. ( )
Jude received a strike for having a similar title of another artist but the song isn’t close. Why did I receive a strike for this. Can someone please explain how this is copyrighting ?
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pretty much said what i needed to in descripion , know one can know what some one else has already tittled im about to quit sound cloud cause of this crap and no number to call
I would like to know if this is legitimate too. I have a strike I got and didn't realize I would get it for what I did, so if this is true that is wonderful news.
I "think" the only way to get a "strike" removed is if the publisher agrees.
I filed a dispute on a copyright claim to two of my original songs, both claims were rejected. What do I do?
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Hey there @willl - I just forwarded your message to our copyright team. They will get back to you via email.

I have had a track removed because of a malicious and false accusation of copyright infringement.
The accusation was made by a fellow SC member who had previously PM'd me and tried to bully me to add her name to the track's cover art, even though she isn't on the track, nor did she write the track!
Because I refused to do this she then reported me for copyright infringement!
I am disappointed that SC removed the track immediately the accusation was made as my track is an instrumental and the accuser is a vocalist/poet!
What protections do we have against false accusations here, as SC say they have a 3 three strikes and you're out policy.