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I have a Copyright related question, who can I speak to?

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One of my songs has been taken down because of a copyright issue. The copyright is owned by the record label (Pink Lane). However I set up and own the label. Therefore copyright belongs to me, as the band and label.

I have filed a dispute, but need to know how long, on average, an issue like this is sorted. I need to get the track on our profile asap because of our release deadlines.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I tried to upload a REMIX I made to everyday we lit by YFN LUCCI and it was taken down due to copyright. I was simply in aware of the copyright rules and what not. I am not upset about my song be taken down and I understand why it was, all I would like to know is how do I fix the problem so that I can upload it. The song features the chorus from the actually song with myself and my friend rapping over the instrumental. I just really don't want anything to happen to my account and I need some help. Any help? Thanks everyone
i uploaded my website audio files
my website is legal and have all rights for this album of quran of muslims and have rights to upload it from the singer it self

i found all my tracks automaticlly deleted from some one i dont know
i need to know who have this claims ?

i would like to know how it works when other people report one of you track. Why i cant know the name of the person who reported me? Because in this way it's too easy to browse the soundcloud profiles and report someone for a mahusp or a bootleg.

I see so many other mashup or bootleg like mine still active on the soundcloud, how they could be still there?
sorry for the long title but this is what is up.. i got a contract from the beatmaker which says i can use his music for my productions.. i also got a strike... what can i do?


I did with iMovie a nice small clip of about 1:30 minutes.
The idea is, to upload it on our companys intranet so that everyone can watch the video (its a safety clip).

The problem starts if I want to add music. Is it ok to add any kind music from soundcloud and upgrade my video and put it on our internal company server. I can adjust that the employees can only watch and not download it.

Question: Is this in line with the law and use of the songs here? I saw music from coldplay here and thought this might no be ok to use.

How are you letting famous rappers to get fake copyright stricks to delete over 70 tracks at once on soundcloud. They have been using soundlcloud for years. More than 70 Egyptian rappers are changing to other platform because the only platform that supports them keeps accepting false copyright claims. How is a famous rapper getting more that 50 songs deleted at once and all of them has no copyrighted content like a sample or anything. These are the original artist how do you accept this. We want our tracks back. This is not a joke you made a great failure for us. You just deleted over 200 tracks for famouse rappers which are obiously the Egyptian rap career. Should we start from zero again after years using Soundcloud?
These are the rappers that woke up having all there tracks deleted for no reason:
It is obviously a scam from someone who wants us to stop posting but it is so easy to report and delete. Please update the way you accept these false strikes and please return those tracks. Thank you.
I would like to know if this is legitimate too. I have a strike I got and didn't realize I would get it for what I did, so if this is true that is wonderful news.
I'm sure i'm not the only one who has asked this, and I'm really too tired to look through the detailed repsonses.

Several of my tracks of "remixes" have been taken down from soundcloud for copyright infringement, one by third party four by the automated system. I am a student and a teacher, so much of my work is only personal use and I was never given notice to make uploads private or remove them before they were held hostage against the copyright claim system.

I have no problem removing my account and said infringing tracks, even if I am not at fault, this is not as much the problem in so much that I cannot download my own tracks before I delete them because they serve educational purposes for myself and I'm unsure if filing a dispute will forever lock these tracks away from me. I'm not a huge producer I am a private teacher and student, and even in good faith what evidence is there to support that my claim will be heard fairly instead of priority given to the record labels who paid for their tracks to be included in the service?
Hey peeps!

I got an email from Soundcloud stating:

"Hi there,

Good news! We’re writing to let you know that the copyright strike on your SoundCloud account has expired."...

The strange thing is, I cant remember ever getting a copyright strike, is there anywhere I can find what this "strike" was for?

Aaron @ Valiant Kings
I "think" the only way to get a "strike" removed is if the publisher agrees.
Yeah I know this is about copyright.

However, the tracks considered to be infringing my remix were not original tracks, but remix tracks like mine.
Even though the damn remix was an official remix, I did not copy the remix and did not refer to it. Why should I get sanctioned by it?

And when I did a search, many unofficial remixes were uploaded to the sound cloud except me. Did they get the permission of the original author? I do not think it would.

Why do I keep deleting my remix? Do not say 'You have to get permission'. As long as I realize that other unofficial remixes have been uploaded, that excuse will not work for me anymore. 😳
An official remix I did for the band Everything Everything was flagged up for copyright infringement so I went through the process and explained how it was an official remix that was released by the band on their US EP and I have permission to upload it but my dispute was rejected and the song has been deleted by Soundcloud. Is there anything I can do about this? It was one of my most popular tracks on my Soundcloud. How do I contact Soundcloud to tell them they've made a mistake! So frustrating.
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Can you post links to some of the accounts that are making the false copyright claims?
Hi - I recently had a dispute rejected-- 22893709 - it says that it might contain or be a copy of "Gone Tomorrow (Here Today)" by Keith Urban. This is absolutely false. Please reinstate my upload. I do not want to try again because I don't want another strike on my account (which is incorrect to begin with). Here's the Keith Urban song and you will find that has NOTHING to do with the track that I've uploaded. Please correct this. Thanks

Track that claims copyright infringement is my profile
Can you post links to some of the accounts that are making the false copyright claims?
we don't know who are them until now. but it began with one account and now over 20 rappers got there whole Original tracks deleted. all they got was an email that there tracks were deleted for copyright. it is impossible that there are copyrighted.
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It happened to a lot of other people before ...
I bet it was Sosa Ent. or Damu Brazy who did this claims ... hes long time doing it already ... and soundcloud is doing nothing ... we lost the work of 8 Hip Hop Beat producers of 3 years of work. Soundcloud is just a very unsecured platform when it comes to this with automatic disput rejects and no real ear comparing of the reported material. The crazy thing is that the guy who reported us could use just 1 track that seem to include like soundmaterial of more than 200 totally different Beats ... and even a acoustic recorded guitarline .... what has this to do with an ugly trap beat with some ugly 18 years old kid vocals on it ??? Nothing !!! But they give a shit ... Sorry i have to tell you this ....
I'm a composer / producer and have content posted on your platform:

Currently I have content posted that I composed for a video game. The game developer owns the copyrights to this material but I have their permission to post it.

But there is an issue. They want to upload some of the content to Soundcloud in their own account, but because I already have it posted, they are having trouble uploading because your system is detecting a "dispute".

How can I help them resolve this issue so they can post their material?

Hey guys, I've been using Soundcloud Pro to create private links so we can share some unreleased music with press and festival organizers. Problem is, once we replace our old unmastered mixes with the proper masters, we still getting copyright notices. This happened not once, but twice for two different songs.

This makes absolutely no sense at all because:
1) we're the copyright owners
2) we're using the "replace track" function. If we replace the track with a completely different sounding one, we might as well upload a new track.
3) And even if we did upload a new track, we still get copyright notices

Point 2) is the main issue here. If I am replacing my own track, there's absolutely no reason why I should be getting a copyright notice. Please find some way to fix this!

Meanwhile, is anyone else getting this problem as well?