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I have a Copyright related question, who can I speak to?

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Hello Community,

We understand you might have questions related to copyrights. At this time, copyright queries are not handled on the Help Community.

We're explaining what copyright means and how it is handled on SoundCloud on our Help Center. If you need to speak to our Copyright Team, please reach out to them directly.

Thank you for your understanding and all the best to you.


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I'm a fairly new producer and having a hard time finishing my own tracks, I've been looking into remixing and bootlegs I was unaware of the copyright rules and policies. My internet isn't very good at times and I attempted to upload a bootleg or derivative work under Creative Commons liscense and it kept not finishing the upload and disappearing, in an excited rush I tried again and then one more time. I also made sure it was a private upload just in case, I later received 3 messages from SoundCloud about infringement I'm now aware of what I had done wrong. Does each upload count as a strike? Is my account going to get banned? Although I thought it was fair use and it was privately uploaded I really hope not! There are tons of bootlegs and remixes of the same track I had bootlegged how are they not being taken down for infringement? One last thing is there is obviously a way in which these people have uploaded these remixes legally how has it been achieved? Would a mechanical license cover my bootleg for non commercial use? No free download or anything just to be on my page legally and the original artist will be credited. Any help would be amazing as I'm scared about losing my account and would ideally like my bootleg available for people to listen to legally? There are loads of the same track on there definitely some official and lots of unofficial ones too..

Thanks in advance,

Alright so a rapper used my beat, without asking permission or giving credit. I then reported it and got it taken down.
We have since talked and settled, and I've given him permission to use it. When he reuploaded it, the automatic content protection system removed the track instantly.
My question is, what does he have to do to reupload it without it being taken down.



Making remixes and bass boosted songs is my work.
I upload them on sound cloud and the automatic content protection system doesn't let me upload anything.
The remix is mine, it's a different version.
Hard work of so many days doesn't pay off.
someone please help.
I have extended a part of the hidden track of the song "Glowed Up" by Kaytranada and I just want to share it for free. I posted it on Soundcloud but it keeps getting removed. I do not intend to receive any money nor do I want trouble from his label. I just want to share this edit because it was a good part of the song that I thought would be good if it were made longer. Is there anything I can do from my end?
Simple question. Just want to know if i have to keep posting risky tracks on my secondary account

sorry for the long title but this is what is up.. i got a contract from the beatmaker which says i can use his music for my productions.. i also got a strike... what can i do?

In uploading a new song, I accidentally uploaded an already existing song but with the new song title. I removed it to start over. It says that my original song was removed due to copyright infringement. Wrong! I cannot upload the right song with its title. Now what can I do when there's no one to talk to?

Hey guys, im planning on uploading a song that I originally put up on another public platform about 2 years ago to look for a vocalist. I ended up opting out of it wanting to see how i could make the tune better overall before I got a vocalist. Last week i noticed a popular song on here (i dont want to name names, and i have substantial proof as it is still on there) that shares the exact same hook i use in my song, uploaded about 5 months ago. I was wondering if I would be reported for copyright and have my song taken down or my account reported for this? I dont want to report anyone else for copyrighting me because theres no way to know if they actually did and on top of that its a good song regardless so i dont care.
But just to look out for myself I want to know if there would be any issues with my tune or who to get in contact with to make sure there is no issues?

my hiphop track is removed from my soundcloud account... i also got a warning/strike but i paid for the beat and got a contract..
what can i do to get the track back and remove the strike??

greets jelle
Recently my track titled "Benjis (prod. ThatBoySlim x zJakkies)" has been wrongfully removed from my soundcloud. This track I put a lot of work into and has brought my soundcloud a lot of traffic and actually had some of the best feedback. It's very frustrating having to deal with this and I have filed a dispute and it was rejected. I do not understand why when I have the rights to use the beat and when the track is mine, I am the artist who recorded it and I am an independent artist. I have reached out to the SoundCloud support twitter page and they sent me the link to a form to fill out which I have and have sent an email to the SoundCloud copyright support and still nothing. I cannot afford to wait any longer when I have music planning to drop that will also increase the amount of visitors on my page. I really need help getting this track back up please.

Yng Hstlr
I tried to upload a track that I've made over the last week. Just a chill song i made with basic guitar and drums. As soon as i try to upload it, it took it down and said it was copied from "Maretimo Sessions - Edition Mykonos (Continuous Mix)". I listened to this entire mix and no part of my track even remotely sounds like it. I'm very mad, because i just wanna share my music with friends and people on Soundcloud. I use Soundcloud to publicize some stuff i make, i'm not signed with a record or anything. Any help?
First of all this is the first time this has happened for me!
I am writing here, since I am afraid to upload again, so I will not get banned for something I have not done.

I uploaded a ORIGINAL techhouse/house track recently which is still a beta version, and it contains NO similar items or sounds to the track that soundcloud says that i have copied, or whatever...
First of all I thought it was a funny error, since my track is house/tech and the one they mentioned is some random jazz track.
Tim Hagans - Hud Doyle

I am posting this, cause I can't understand how my dispute was rejected, when both tracks have nothing in common at all.
I have even sent in a dispute TWICE.
I understand that soundcloud's copyright laws are strict, but this doesn't make sense at all.

The only thing I can hear is that there is a trumpet sound in my and the given track, and it's not even the same...
hi everyone! i'm writing this because soundcloud doesn't let me upload songs because of the violation of the copyright terms.
the main problem is that the song "copyrighted" doesn't exist, but my tracks still been rejected and flagged ..
can i have some support or maybe a solution to this problem?
@la disco 💿 es original en mi cd y almacenamiento es de 100000 song como lo subo??????
On 28/05 I wrote this mail to

"Hi, I would like to point out the user Ketaddict (, because I uploaded my track for more than a year ago, without making any reference to my legitimate track property. I kindly ask that the track be locked.



Thanks in advance
Best regards

Orlando Li Mandri"

Today they answered me saying the track was removed, but when I went to look I found that they had removed my song!
It was definitely a mistake, also because my track was online for two years, the one I reported was online for only a year.

Also you can see from the soundcloud message they made a mistake. So I started a copyright controversy by noticing these things, but I was being disheartened ...

What should I do? I've been using soundcloud for 6 years and I'm pro of 3, but I'm seriously passing the urge to see us as the bad service given
And above all, how do I remove the "strike" that soundcloud has wrongfully assigned to me?

My track "Hanabi Redubbed" was automatically taken down by Soundcloud.
I disputed the takedown as I own the copyright 100% on said composition.
The dispute was rejected **with no reason given**

As Soundcloud refuses to provide proper support to pro users, and obfuscates the process by forcing users to post here, I would like Soundcloud to address this issue and:

- Provide the name of the individual / business that has falsely made a copyright claim on my composition.
- Ask said 3rd party to present proof that they have copyright (which they won't be able to do) on said composition.

Why, Soundcloud, do music makers, the providers of content for your site, stand in the position of "guilty until proven innocent" in the terms of your system?
One of my songs has been taken down because of a copyright issue. The copyright is owned by the record label (Pink Lane). However I set up and own the label. Therefore copyright belongs to me, as the band and label.

I have filed a dispute, but need to know how long, on average, an issue like this is sorted. I need to get the track on our profile asap because of our release deadlines.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I'm a composer / producer and have content posted on your platform:

Currently I have content posted that I composed for a video game. The game developer owns the copyrights to this material but I have their permission to post it.

But there is an issue. They want to upload some of the content to Soundcloud in their own account, but because I already have it posted, they are having trouble uploading because your system is detecting a "dispute".

How can I help them resolve this issue so they can post their material?


I'd like to upload a DJ mix that I created. I have heard from other users that mixes are now safe to upload, and the rules have become more lenient. Being cautious, I decided to do a test upload anyways on another account. I received a notification saying the mix had been removed because of the track "Fatty Boom Boom" by Die Antwoord.

So is that it then? Am I not able to upload this mix to Soundcloud because of this track? It is important to note that I do not intend to make the mix available for download, which I know is some of the cause of problems with copyright. I just want people to be able to listen to this mix on Soundcloud.

Any help/ input would be appreciated.

my track was deleted when i arrived home tonight.
I checked your message that my song, '05. Ne' has infringed copyright terms.
but this song's original beat 'Wake up - Decap' was able to download it free.
plus, there was no additional copyright sign at Decap's 'Wake up'.
So i'm really disappointed and irritated why my track was deleted.
This song is very important for my career, so i want your immediate solution for this problem.

thank you. my soundcloud url my deleted track url
If you file a dispute and show us that you have all rights necessary to post this track, we will reinstate your track, no problem.

In all other cases, we will need to treat this as copyright infringement and you will receive a “strike” against your account. If you receive three of these strikes, your SoundCloud account will be terminated in accordance with our Terms of Use:

Copyright infringement is a serious matter, and we expect all SoundCloud users to respect other people’s copyright. To learn more about copyright, please visit our copyright information page: and see our Help Center articles:

Thank you,
The SoundCloud Copyright Team

This is the message I received. Is this a strike, or a warning? Please let me know. I need to know.
Is it forbidden when I listen to songs where the performers have no rights because I just listen to songs that are really great but they have been changed so Remix and the performers have no rights is this Ilegal?
Yeah I know this is about copyright.

However, the tracks considered to be infringing my remix were not original tracks, but remix tracks like mine.
Even though the damn remix was an official remix, I did not copy the remix and did not refer to it. Why should I get sanctioned by it?

And when I did a search, many unofficial remixes were uploaded to the sound cloud except me. Did they get the permission of the original author? I do not think it would.

Why do I keep deleting my remix? Do not say 'You have to get permission'. As long as I realize that other unofficial remixes have been uploaded, that excuse will not work for me anymore. 😳
Well i wan't to remove a copyright claim thats just about it