I Have a Copyright Related Question - Who Can I Speak to?

  • 15 January 2015
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Hello Community,

We understand you might have questions related to copyrights. At this time, copyright queries are not handled on the Help Community.

We're explaining what copyright means and how it is handled on SoundCloud on our Help Center. If you need to speak to our Copyright Team, please reach out to them directly.

Thank you for your understanding and all the best to you.

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2 replies

Recently I uploaded a song from an artist who gives me permission to post deleted songs they've created and I got falsely copyright claimed. Both the artist and producer don't mind that I've posted the song and it still got taken down and claimed, and now I have one week to keep my account alive by getting one of the strikes removed. Earlier when I made my SoundCloud I didn't know anything about copyright and got two strikes off the bat, and I've made a dispute but every single dispute I've made even for songs that were falsely claimed by the copyright detection system never get solved and nothing ever becomes of them.

I've seen people get false copyright strikes before, including some of the artists I upload and it's a big problem in the underground community with people pretty much extorting artists by saying "If I don't get this amount of money I'll take down your SoundCloud"

I'm not sure what to do and posted here as a last resort to hopefully keeping my SoundCloud alive, and yes I did file a dispute but I don't expect anything to happen with it by the time I get suspended.

Also the song in question is "Summrs - Plenty Hoes" which is posted up on multiple SoundCloud's and has only been removed from mine.
Hi. Please help me. I have a copyright's problems: In this moment a loading some songs but soundcloud tell my that I can't put it because there is copyright. This songs are my. I dispute them, but soundcloud refuse it. I can't understand why and I need some help.
How I can demostrate that it's my songs and that I have all rights?
Thanks for your help