I have a registered app, how can I alter Redirect URI?

  • 18 November 2016
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I am now aware of the changes to the sign up changes for registering apps, but I already have an app and I have changed hosting so I need to change the redirect URI and website, is there an easy way for me to do this other than registering for a completely new app?

8 replies

The fact you can't register a new app anymore! No response from SoundCloud directly and they wonder why people believe they are not going to out of off the mess they are in. Manual reviews etc, no wonder they can't make a profit.
Maybe checking if the api usage is correct, is ok, but i have (don't tell me why) two registered apps with the same wrong redirection uri, maybe make them editable could let us don't waste our time unecessary, in my opinion this step about the api is totally wrong, facebook or other socials don't have forms that make the api get checked and rejected if it's not a bad idea even if the managers think it is, and you can edit your api key settings etc etc

Do you want to tell me that in my case, to have a correct redirect uri, i have to make another request that maybe will get denied this time, really bad way of think, and i think also that in the future developers will not desire to use these api
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Hi there,

just came across this topic - unfortunately, it is not possible to edit the redirect URI. Rather, you'd have to register a new app. Please note that this is now a manual review process and can take some time before the team can get to your application. This was a necessary step as we saw a heap of abuse via the API when this was automated in the past. 😕

Thanks for understanding.

Honestly this is so messed up. At a minimum you should have a sandbox API so we can still work on development while waiting to get approved.

The ability to just update my app redirection URL would be far be the easiest and we allowed to do that in past.
Also hitting against this limitation..
This is the least developer-friendly api...'d have to register a new app. Please note that this is now a manual review process and can take some time...

How am I supposed to move into production if I'm stuck with localhost until you get to my submission???
I have the same problem. Having been sent this url to show me my apps,
there seems to be no easy way to find an App configuration or dashboard page
Exactly the same problem. I even tried registering a new app with the updated domain around a month ago and it seems that soundcloud aren't even honouring these requests.