I lost 132 followers suddenly !

  • 1 June 2015
  • 3 replies

I lost 132 followers suddenly to night what happen? !!

3 replies

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soundcloud continually removes accounts due spam abuse or other things that violate the terms of usage... they may have been 'fake' followers from click farms, etc. do you remember any of those 132 followers? were any of them genuine followers (people you know arent from a click farm or spam bot, etc)?
Thanks for your reply, i bought 100 followers and they are been removed.
I love real followers, but some months ago i deicded to try a promo, so anyway if SoundCloud decided to remove fake i am agree with it 🙂
So am I, 200 today lost. This is not the first time and I don't do promotion, so I don't get it.