I'm eligible for Soundcloud Premier, but can't activate it

  • 27 March 2019
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Hi Soundcloud,

Since you don't have any direct support, nor email address the only solution left is to write my dilemma here. I guess I'm eligible for Soundcloud Premier, I know about your program since it started and I've been waiting about 7 months now for an invite. I'm a Pro Unlimited user since 2014, have been continuously uploading new material & have about 5-6000 plays / week. So I think this part is ok. I do have 1 strike on my account and I'm afraid that because of this I won't be ever eligible to monetize my content. Can you please give me a clear answer on this? If it's because of the strike, or what should I do better? Also read your guide, but can't figure it out..

Thank you and looking forward to your answer!

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