I'm just trying to like the tracks on my own playlist and I keep getting blocked for liking too fast

  • 4 May 2017
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I've been adding my favorite tracks onto a playlist because I didn't know "Hear the tracks you’ve liked" is a function on soundcloud.
Now I'm just trying to "like" the tracks on my playlist so I can shuffle it without the 500 track limits and after ~400 I got blocked for liking tracks too fast.

I mean I get it, there are spammers out there. There are people who will gain from promoting themselves by liking their own tracks.

I waited 23 hours like the notice said, tried to "like" the ~80 more tracks left on my playlist and I get blocked again.
I don't have a track. I don't have a band. I don't care about promoting anybody.
I'm just a listener and I just want to keep all my favorite tracks in a single list I can go to when I study.

Admin or staff who reads this: just let me like ~80 more tracks and I'm done.

1 reply

Need support for this